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  1. 840 Miles • 1 Tank Fuel • Hybrid Maverick

    I've started to experiment with Slippery mode in the past week. The results are impressive compared to Normal and Eco but I find at times there's so much momentum that braking goes past the regenerative box and into hydraulic. Traversing this learning curve at the moment.
  2. 840 Miles • 1 Tank Fuel • Hybrid Maverick

    That's quite impressive. Which mode? ECO ?
  3. You asked, WE answered! Granger February ONLY special on Ford ESP! -- @ Dealer Cost

    Jumped on this deal before it ran out and it beat all others by a longshot. Thanks Zach!
  4. Maverick Monday Episode 9: 2025 Ford Maverick - Big Improvements Expected

    @fordvideoguy Tim, I won't be able to catch this live tonight but can you inquire about the much discussed deep sleep issue? I think a lot of us would like to hear FordMoCo's version of what's going on with this.
  5. Latest 2024 Maverick Production Key Commodity Constraints + Total Retail Unscheduled Orders (1/22/24)

    @fordvideoguy mentioned last week that Ford's planning on producing only 8,300 units for the month of March
  6. SoCal dealer South Bay Ford sold my dad's Maverick without telling us it arrived

    There's a lot of Ford complaints in these forums and some are more compelling than others. This case with all of the evidence provided is pretty damning. It's really unfortunate dealers do this to customers who are loyal enough to the Ford brand to wait years for a custom order. Hopefully...
  7. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ 12:06PM EST 📅 2/5/24 🔢 367XX 🛻 Lariat Hybrid 📍 DC Metro 🗓 MY23 Carryover (original order - 9/19/22) 🕺 Chapman Philly
  8. Alto Blue w/ Black Appearance Package - pics

    I can definitely see now. Appreciate the picture contrasting the difference.
  9. Alto Blue w/ Black Appearance Package - pics

    If my eyes aren't failing me this appears to be without the plastic covers right? I wanted to see what they looked like all blacked out with the covers.
  10. Alto Blue w/ Black Appearance Package - pics

    Do you have a link and picture of what yours look like with the black covers?
  11. Latest Maverick crash test results & video: updated moderate overlap IIHS crash test

    Yup, just verified the cheap windshield 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Maverick Scheduling This Week (9/14/23) for Production Weeks 11/06-11/27

    Curious as to exactly what aspect(s) you were unimpressed with.
  13. Latest 2024 Maverick Order Guide Released [Updated Monthly]

    So now we wait for what Ford is going to do with Private Offers for unscheduled 23s. I think a lot of Trim selections will depend on the offset.
  14. 2024 Ford Maverick Webcast on June 29. 2024MY Order Banks May Open Late July - August

    That says a lot about the state of how much trust there is in Ford being able to provide 24MY allocations, inventory. Much respect for dealers like LM for doing the responsible thing.
  15. 2024 Ford Maverick Webcast on June 29. 2024MY Order Banks May Open Late July - August

    According to @fordvideoguy at 1:09:09, on the 29th of June there will be a webcast about the 2024 Maverick order banks. There is also going to be a follow up webcast on July 11th. It sounds like this information is to dealers only and not directed to the general public so Tim and Ford dealers...
  16. Can a dealer refuse to accept your trade-in? Are there other options for a car in its dying days?

    Dealer will take your trade but with a very high mileage vehicle they usually turn around and have their wholesaler take it straight to the auction. This isn't exactly a high profit scenario for them.
  17. 📬 4/20/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOT YET ARRIVING]

    It'll be interesting to see the impact of the 3rd shift for July scheduling.
  18. 📬 4/20/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOT YET ARRIVING]

    I checked out the Niro PHEV too about a month ago. I was impressed with the ride and smooth freeway speed with the ICE completely off. Dealers up north appear to get the Cold Weather Package which helps keep the ICE off while heating up the cabin in the winter. I still want my Maverick to...
  19. Trading in vehicle with worn tires? - Answered.

    I think you're being conservative if you're counting on KBB or NADA values for trade. Dealers work with Black Book (wholesale) values in determining your trade-in. My guess is that they'll try to offer you 15 to 17k. The used car market of the past 3 years has been a crazy roller coaster...