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  1. Hyper Flash after Turn Signal Recall

    I am working through this right now with FORD
  2. Western Washington

    I just a ship date... Ordered Oct 11 2021... Looks like a delivery for Oct 1 2022... Not bad... just a year later...
  3. Western Washington

    I have been issued a VIN. So I will eventually get my Truck. Ordered it from Port Orchard Ford.
  4. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) FORScan mod (confirmed working)

    Did you get the correct signs for the Lariat with Lux? We are picking ours up and I wanted to know what the correct settings are. Thanks in advance
  5. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (5/16) For Production Build Week 7/4

    Just got off the phone with Ford Customer Care! I have a VIN and a Build week! Getting Built July 4th! Still no email from Ford.
  6. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (5/16) For Production Build Week 7/4

    I just received a call from my dealer. Truck is scheduled. Should be receiving more communication from Ford shortly.... **** It's happening!!! ******
  7. Modded Maverick With Hood Stripes, Aftermarket Wheels, Tail Light Tint, Flag Lettering, Leather Seat Covers

    Great to finally see a child seat in the back. We are at that point as well. How easy does it work with your setup?
  8. Any late October order with build date, hybrid only?

    I don't have any more information yet that my signature. Ordered Oct 11, Confirmed Oct 12. Lariat Lux
  9. Any Washington hybrid people have a delivery date?

    When did you place your order? I have a very similar build... doing some extrapolation I am hoping/expecting to get a date around April...