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  1. New 2024 XLT Hybrid shadow black with Black appearance/lux package

    Picked up a new 2024 hybrid XLT shadow black with black appearance pkg/lux package yesterday. Traded in my 2022 XLT hybrid cactus gray with 43300 miles. I averaged 41.4 over the life of my 2022. I have a 2024 hybrid cactus gray ordered, but no build date yet, when last week my salesman...
  2. Thoughts on Shadow Black XLT with Black Appearance pkg?

    My salesman called me today, saying he had a 2024 hybrid XLT shadow black with black appearance pkg/Lux pkg available at msrp. I currently have a 2022 XLT hybrid xlt, and have a hybrid XL on order 2024 with no build date yet. Question is, thoughts on the shadow black with the listed options...
  3. Where are TPMS sensors? getting ready to Plasti dip steelies...

    I am getting ready to plasti dip my steelies today, where are the TPMS sensors? Youtube said they had to be covered. Is this something I need to cover with painters tape?
  4. Anyone paint steelies BLACK and install hubcaps???

    Has anyone painted their steel wheels black and then install hubcaps? If so, can you PLEASE post a picture or 2? Thanks! The steelies with just hubcaps do not look very good, imho. You can see the circles behind the hubcap covers. thanks! Bob
  5. 40,000 Mile Hybrid 2022 MPG and Review

    Picked up my 2022 cactus gray HYBRID on Dec 23, 2021. I have 40,900 miles and a lifetime MPG of 43.0. I drive conservatively, 68-72 mph on highways. I would estimate 65/35 city/hwy percentages. Still original tires that look like they will go another 15-20k miles (I rotate tires oil change...
  6. Michigan Michigan LOOKING for XL wheels/tires

    I am looking for a set of XL wheels, tires and TMPS. Thanks! Bob
  7. emergency fuel door release pull

    Can anyone take a picture of the green fuel door release pull under the wheel well for when the fuel door does not open? I do not have access to my maverick right now. thanks!
  8. How about Cooper Discoverer SRX 245/65r17 tires?

    I can get a great deal on a set of 4 Cooper Discoverer SRX 245/65r17 NEW tires...I have a hybrid XLT. Will these fit and provide a halfway decent ride? I live in SE michigan and deal with typical mid west weather. All black top about 50/50 hwy/city. Thanks!
  9. 1 year, 21,931 mile, 40.9 MPG Hybrid Maverick Owner's Review

    Phenomenal 1 year hybrid review, 365 days. 21,931 miles, averaged 40.9 MPG (for last 19k miles). TROUBLE FREE with exception of radio freezing up a few times for a bit. No issues with the truck or the hybrid system. Hauled my enclosed motorcycle 6x12 trailer for a few of the miles, on 55 mph...
  10. Maverick Hitch Motorcycle carrier weight

    Does anyone know what the hitch weight capacity is for a Motorcycle carrier that gets installed right onto the hitch? Tongue weight basically? thanks!
  11. $42,000 Mavericks...?

    Mavericks for 42,000.....? Well TWO of them anyways for me were 42k! 1 XLT hybrid and an EB XL. ;)
  12. Ford stock with a PE of 3.9 is nuts...

    Ford stock has a PE of 3.9 Nuts....ford stock is very undervalued, even with part shortages, chip issues...this is a company which is still expecting earnings of 11.5-12.5 billion...earnings per share of almost 3.00 pays a 4.9 percent dividend....TSLA on the other hand...has a PE of 107...
  13. Granger Delivery....how long from built?

    With all the 3k under msrp's coming up soon...how long has it been "taking" to get from "built to arrival at Granger"? Just for planning purposes! thanks!
  14. Why do so many gear heads HATE the maverick....?

    I live in Michigan...tons of car cruises, shows...when I go to them...NOT showing my maverick or anything, just driving it there and parking...Why oh why do all the gear heads HATE the maverick....? They all have the small peter syndrome and drive giant beefed up trucks...the haters are just...
  15. Any truck tents for Maverick?

    With the tailgate down, are there any truck tents that fit on the maverick? Anyone tried any? Was thinking using plywood floor with piano hinge to open the floor to the full 6.5' when setting up a truck tent? thoughts? thanks!
  16. How many Hybrid owners kicking the crap out of the EPA figures?

    I have been kicking the crap out of the Ford MPG numbers of 33 and 42 for 37 avg. I am averaging 42+ MPG over my last 10k miles. That is approximately 40 percent hwy and 60 city. In the city, I am consistently 50-70 MPG...I'm talking a small city, 30k people, so traffic and lights...
  17. Hybrids out in the wild in Michigan

  18. Maverick hybrid review, far exceeding my expectations

    I rec'd my hybrid maverick on 12/23/21. The little truck that could...has far exceeded my expectations...in all area's. Comfort, reliability, fuel economy and general satisfaction. My maverick currently has over 12k miles. I have averaged 42.1 mpg over the last 9k miles. That is with 40...
  19. Ford INCREASES Dividend by 50 percent! Crushes earnings per share AND revenue for Q2 2022

    Ford kicked some ass...increased div by 50 percent. Blasted earnings per share and revenue. Way to go FOMOCO! Ford stock climbing strongly OVER 14.00/share Earnings per share were .68/share, handily beating the .45 est. Revenue was 37.91 Billion, kicking the ass on the est of 34.32 billion...
  20. Who still LOVES thier Maverick after 10k miles?

    At 11,528 miles with my Hybrid Maverick...STILL lovin' it! Avg 42.0 mpg over the last 8327 miles. Roughly 40 percent hwy, 60 city. How can you beat the MPG of the maverick? Comfortable, easy handling, and easy on the wallet. My maverick is currently parked at Ford Van Dyke Electric...