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  1. Car Carrier Dispatching

    Is there anyone on here that can check dispatch status of a car? I have the Freight Bill #, origin, destination and trip #. It is sooo hard to be patient as I am getting overly excited.
  2. Railcar Tracking - No Status Available

    Good Morning, Thought I would share some interesting information today. My truck is on its way to the Cleveland, OH area and I have been tracking the railcar using the processes on this site. It arrived in Wallbridge, OH on its way to the Wayne, MI plant to get put on a car carrier. It...
  3. Tonneau Cover Recommendations

    I am wondering what peoples opinions are related to hard tonneau covers as I want one that is water tight/proof, can be washed without concern through car wash, and does not need to be closed AFTER the tailgate is closed. Ford Hard Tonneau cover installed by dealer, would it be covered by truck...