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  1. Maverick work trucks in the wild

    I saw this Maverick Walmart security truck today. What other businesses use Mavericks out there?
  2. Would you buy hybrid again yes or no

    Absolutely, I’ve had no issues and enjoy driving a truck that gets great mileage.
  3. Christmas Raffle! Three winners will get Muslogy's Christmas Gift

    A drop in liner was first on my list….gotta protect the bed and will go from there.
  4. Does your Hybrid Maverick engine revs up real high on down hill rides!?

    Yeah my hybrid does the same, usually only when hauling a load as far as I’ve noticed.
  5. Drop in Bedliner - Backorder?

    I ordered install on ford accessories site with the dibl and was charged $60. So I jumped on that.
  6. Drop in Bedliner - Backorder?

    I ordered a dibl October 5 and waited about a month for receipt. Had the dealer install yesterday. At order it was not listed as on back order but this may have changed. Also at install the dibl apparently did not have cut outs or marking’s for cut outs for all the tie down cleats on my...
  7. List the good guy Dealers that charged MRSP and no excessive prep-delivery fees

    Ken Grody Ford Redlands Ca, msrp with no BS fees Took delivery last week
  8. What happens when you sell to CarMax

    I sold my 2022 Hybrid Lariat with 23,000 miles to CarMax for 29k as my 2023 was due in any day. The same truck is now listed at CarMax for $34,998. the point being there is still a vibrant market for used Maverick’s. If you sold your Maverick to a retailer, what did they turn around and...
  9. Is this normal on Hybrid?

    Given the discoloration on the OP post I’d say that part is most certainly used.
  10. Is this normal on Hybrid?

    My truck is less than a week old and here’s that same part…mine looks brand new…mine is a hybrid as well.
  11. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Take the Vroom deal….
  12. Ford loophole for giving us the Farm Bureau discount? (Updated)

    I literately picked up my 2023 today and I used the Farm Bureau cert. I did email the cert to the dealer ahead of time and all the contracts were done ahead of time. I also ordered the car 9/15/22 but I only joined the Farm Bureau in August this year as you need to be member 30 days before...
  13. ATLAS BLUE Maverick Photos / Club

    Picked up my Atlas Blue Hybrid Lariat today…
  14. Teamsters will honor UAW strike (No Deliveries)

    My 2023 Lariat was delivered to the dealer today…picked up from the rail 9/15…I have no info on what will and won’t be delivered however mine truck was delivered today under these facts.
  15. Financing through Ford Credit

    I went with Navy Federal for my delivery next week. %5. And the dealer didn’t even try to match and sales said the lowest they were giving was 6-7%.
  16. Goodbye 2022 Hybrid, hello 2023 Hybrid

    Also I used the $500 farm bureau certificate…
  17. Goodbye 2022 Hybrid, hello 2023 Hybrid

    I received a check today from CarMax for $1,200 more than I paid over a year and a half ago for my 2022 Lariat Hybrid. It had 23,000 miles. My 2023 Atlas Blue Lariat hybrid is due in this week with the dealer sticking with msrp price $30,320 with hitch and full size spare. Goodbye “Pepper”
  18. Anyone else having this Android Auto Issue?

    I’ve had a similar issue for the last year (iPhone) and I’ve even had the car usb jack replaced under warranty as it stopped working entirely. It’s still hot and miss now and I’ve used many cables.
  19. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    2015 Camry…seven years trouble free driving…
  20. Airbag recall - how long?!

    My 22 lariat Hybrid went in Monday morning for the recall service and they gave me a loaner, it seems to be mutually expected this will be a multi day service…we will see when I get the call it’s done.