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  1. When they say the Mav is too small…….

    Along those same lines...here's a load I hauled last week (cue the Beverly Hillbillies theme).
  2. Mabett Dashboard Storage Organizer On Promotion Now!

    I'm not sure I see the benefit to this tray. It doesn't add any storage space...in fact it appears to make it smaller. It looks nice, but explain to to me why I need it.

    I’ve had my Maverick for 20 months now, and this type of thing happened to me a lot in the beginning when there were very few of them on the road. I once had a guy do a U-turn and follow me into a parking lot just to check it out.
  4. Thought This Was A Problem But it's just lane departure warning system

    That feature can be turned off by pressing the button on the end of the directional arm. At least that's where it is on my XLT.
  5. Flex bed dividers - Any one try bed liner spray on 2x6?

    I cut the board slightly shorter than the space, then I use foam pipe insulation cut in half to fill the small space at each end (you can see it in the picture if you zoom in). I slide the board into the bed flat, then pivot it down into the slots., then insert the foam.
  6. POLL: Extended Warranty on Maverick (Yes/No)

    I've never gotten one, and never needed one. I have a friend who sold new cars for years and even HE told me not to get it. Huge profit maker for the dealer.
  7. USB Music Shuffle Keeps Repeating Songs

    I have a thumb drive with over 4400 songs on it. I’ve been using it for 18 months and I have never experienced this issue. When I turn the truck off and start It up later, it picks up right where it left off.
  8. My 25252.5 mile review

    Back in April I posted my 12345.6 mile review. With over double the mileage…here is an update. It runs great and performs well. I use it like a truck, so it has seen a lot of stuff in the bed…firewood, stone, trash, tree limbs, etc. I also often pull a trailer. I’ve had some minor issues with...
  9. Most miles racked up so far?

    I have almost 20K on my ecoboost with about 5 weeks to go to it's one-year anniversary.
  10. new maverick for sale 200 miles

    Uh oh…missing the front mud flap!
  11. Issues with my 2.0 eco boost xlt

    I was just up at Americade last week and rode through Saranac. I spent a lot of time in Piercefield/Tupper Lake growing up. We live in the Capital District but also have a place in Wells. We spend as much time as we can up there.
  12. Issues with my 2.0 eco boost xlt

    I think most people have issues with the radio and/or screen. Mine will randomly freeze, increase volume, or lock up. Updates do no good. Usuallyrestarting the vehicle clears everything. I’ve become resigned to living with it.
  13. Tailgate Lettering options?

    I went with orange, as seen in my avatar. $23 on eBay.
  14. I took a look at a Santa Cruz today - I was very impressed

    A friend of mine settled for a Santa Cruz when he couldn’t find the Maverick he wanted. He’s happy with it, but I find them ugly. Doesn’t look like a car, doesn’t look like a truck. Everyone likes something different…that’s why there are so many options out there.
  15. Thought MPG would be higher so far

    First, don’t always trust that display. I usually find my actual calculated mpg to be a bit higher. I was getting 20-21 for a long while, but more recently I’ve been getting about 25. I didn’t change the way I drive so I don’t really know what the reason is. Maybe it’s just more ”broken in”. I...
  16. That awkward cubbie next to the infotainment screen

    Just don’t try to use it like a glory hole! Things will get very messy. 😎
  17. What is this thing?

    Why the heck would they put a locking gas door on the hybrid and not on the eco?
  18. What is this thing?

    So…the hybrids have a locking gas door?