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  1. Odometer reading when I receive my Mav

    I asked my salesperson to pick me up at home and bring me to the dealership so I would not have to arrange for another driver to drive back my older car. It did two things, it allowed them to drive a Maverick, which they had not done before, allowed me to drive a Maverick as I had not done so...
  2. Leave hitch hooked up all the time?

    I would check with your state/local laws, it is illegal to leave it in when not using it. Don't hate the messenger, I do not agree with it, just wanting to put it out there. I will be putting the ball under the back seat or in the cubby in the bed, which ever is a better fit and use of space.
  3. Gap insurance

    I actually called my Allstate Agent and asked about both gap insurance and car replacement insurance. I was pleasantly surprised that they offered care replacement insurance at a very low price. If my Maverick is totaled they will give me money to replace it with a model year newer and fewer...
  4. Car Carrier Dispatching

    Is there anyone on here that can check dispatch status of a car? I have the Freight Bill #, origin, destination and trip #. It is sooo hard to be patient as I am getting overly excited.
  5. Dealer Fees and Discounts

    Probably difference between USA and Canada.
  6. Dealer Fees and Discounts

    I believe freight (AKA Delivery & Destination fee) is already part of MSRP and is the same for all Mavericks. If they charged you a freight fee on top of MSRP then you paid twice. The Delivery & Destination fee is set at $1495.
  7. Railcar Tracking - No Status Available

    Good Morning, Thought I would share some interesting information today. My truck is on its way to the Cleveland, OH area and I have been tracking the railcar using the processes on this site. It arrived in Wallbridge, OH on its way to the Wayne, MI plant to get put on a car carrier. It...
  8. How long from start of production until production completed email?

    From the time I received the email from Ford that it was in production to the email that is was built was 8 days. I kept checking for module information and I saw them populate with information on day 7. You can also ask your sales person for a Vehicle Visibility report and it will give you...
  9. Tired of the Auto Stop Start? Install Autostop Eliminator

    The first time I was in a car with this auto stop/start feature I was annoyed, however, over time I got use to it and am happy to see the increase in time between tank fills as well as helping the environment. If I want the car to stay running, I just lift my foot off the break a little to...
  10. Ford surface care mandatory?

    Is this an AutoNation dealer? Mine said they put it on every car that comes in as their policy, they would not remove from the purchase options, however, it is asterisked and says it is optional and not required for vehicle purchase. I told them I do not want it and wrote on the form that they...
  11. Tonneau Cover Recommendations

    I am wondering what peoples opinions are related to hard tonneau covers as I want one that is water tight/proof, can be washed without concern through car wash, and does not need to be closed AFTER the tailgate is closed. Ford Hard Tonneau cover installed by dealer, would it be covered by truck...
  12. 📬 9/16 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    Time email was received 10:56 am est Your scheduled build week 11/8/2021 All relevant build info Hot Pepper Red, Lariat Lux, 4K Tow, Co-Pilot, Spray-in Bedliner, 2.0L EcoBoost, AWD Your region, if comfortable Northeast Ohio Your original order date 8/7/2021 Dealer Autonation, Westlake, OH