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  1. This Maverick will be my last new Ford

    Since I drive 90%+ around town, an electric makes great sense for me. In today's world, the Maverick would be used for long trips, Lowes, Home Depot and the electric for the daily driver. I only average around 5K miles a year overall. In the future, should charging become faster and more...
  2. 2.0 AWD Real World MPG???

    6 months and 2000 miles on 2.0 EB 2wd XLT.... 95% in town. Computer says 26.9 mpg overall. I drive like an old man though. I suppose I would since I'm 70 years old.
  3. This Maverick will be my last new Ford

    Bought a brand new 1984 Bronco II 4WD. Really fit the bill with young kids and a small boat and pop-up camper to pull. Inside 6 months the water pump went. By 50k miles the headliner was down and the paint was peeling. Was ready for a new clutch too so I went back to the dealer to trade. They...
  4. How many miles when "new"

    Just over 30 miles with paperwork stating it was test driven for QC.
  5. Anyone Else Getting Looks Wherever They Go?

    Well..... mine is Cyber Orange so it's hard NOT to get looks. Had a couple grill me for 15 minutes at Sonic. A thumbs up or two on the road. A FEDEX driver stopped at my house WITHOUT a package because he has one on order. Yesterday, a grandma in the grocery lot made positive comments. I have...
  6. Disappointed in tailgate assist.

    Have had mine installed for 3 months with no problems, no complaints. Had the same damper on my GMC Sierra for 6 years too. Once you get used to it there is one issue. Whenever you open another tailgate without a damper you'll probably drop it like me, catching your knuckles on the way down...
  7. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    I'm used to it now after 3 months. I spent the first week looking for the shifter to rest my right hand. Yesterday something weird happened. I got in and connected my phone via cable, set it down on the console then put the key in and turned to start. Nothing. I thought "o crap, warranty call"...
  8. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    I've only seen one on the road (same one 3 times) since I got mine in early December. Velocity blue XL. I've only seen one Santa Cruz. I'm located Beachside, Space Coast, FL. The dealer that sold me mine sold another Cyber Orange but I've yet to see that one on the road. I've had several...
  9. What did you do with your previous vehicle

    The book on my 4 year old car (I paid 30k new) was around 23k. Nissan offered me 20k on a Frontier but tried to add 15k ADM, then 5k ADM. I asked 26k at Ford for the trade on the Mav and they offered 23k so I took it. That 23k plus the sales tax break was enough for me. I took the deal. O%...
  10. Flex bed dividers - Any one try bed liner spray on 2x6?

    Two sections. Pictures attached. The 2x4 spacer blocks are glued and screwed. I attached a cargo net which works pretty good. Everything comes out easily when I want to carry something big back there.
  11. 2.0 MPG gas mileage tests (so far) and differences using 87 vs 92 octane

    700 miles on my 2.0 FWD and so far, I'm showing 25.6 MPG with no highway driving. Entirely in town driving except for about 3 miles on the interstate. I've used 87 octane exclusively.
  12. DIY - Maverick LED tail lights upgrade. Before and After Video

    What did you use for the cargo bulb replacement? I bought some that worked but didn't fit in the lens. Had to return them. Also looking for stop/tail replacement that is confirmed NOT to cause errors or hyperflash.
  13. FL Dealers Charging More Than MSRP and Those That Aren’t

    Kelly Ford in Melbourne. MSRP. Smooth transaction. No BS. My Salesman was Andre Mannain.
  14. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Photos / Club

    It's a couple of 2x4s I had lying around. Painted with a black wood preservative. It came out looking like a black stain.
  15. Anyone buy seat covers?

    I unpacked them and put them on the seats. It was a bit of a struggle. Then my wife asked me if I'd like to look at the directions. Who needs directions? It was then I realized they weren't identical. They are just a bit different (driver's vs passenger's seat). So I pulled them off and...
  16. Anyone buy seat covers?

    I got the Carhartt ones from Ford using my points. They fit well but keep in mind they don't cover the sides of the seatback due to the side impact airbags. They're plenty tough made of the same materials as their clothing. Good quality. Also, pay attention to the left/right orientation.
  17. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    I've had mine for almost 4 weeks and haven't seen a single one yet. Space Coast FLA, beachside. Spotted a Santa Cruz once. Update 1/6 Saw the first one today, parked at the beach. Velocity Blue XL
  18. January Inaugural Rig Photo Competition for Mavericks (Edited)

    Balmy 80s here in FLA. Happy New Year
  19. CYBER ORANGE Maverick Photos / Club

    Gave her a bath and a nice wax. Two weeks today.
  20. Flex bed dividers - Any one try bed liner spray on 2x6?

    I've got a cargo net coming sometime soon. Unfortunately, didn't have it in time for the photos.