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  1. Hi! NJ Maverick buyer in frustration!

    I ordered my Hybrid XLT from Downs Ford in Toms River. When it arrived Downs Ford honored everything that Ford had to offer. No Mark Ups, No hassles at all. Best place to order a Maverick!
  2. Hybrid battery went dead

    I had same problem. I took truck to my ford dealership and it took 4 days to find the issue and wait for the part to be delivered. It turned out to be the LVDS Cable. Low Voltage Differential Signaling system. So far no more issues but I have lost confidence in the truck since it happened.
  3. Hybrid electrical failure issue

    low voltage differential signaling system
  4. Hybrid electrical failure issue

    This past week my Maverick XLT Hybrid was towed to my dealership as my battery was dead for 2 straight days. Mav was at dealership for 4 days and what they found was a parasitic draw from the a kinked LVDS Cable Wire. They replaced LVDS Cable and I just picked up my Mav today. So far working...
  5. If you had a chance to order again what would you change?

    Absolutely nothing. The Hybrid XLT Cactus Grey w Lux Package, Engine Block Heater and Tire Lock Kit was all that I needed.

    Mostly Highway and yes hand calculated.

    I have gotten 40.1, 39.8 and 43.2 on last 3 tanks..
  8. Alabama I'm selling my Maverick!

    Good Luck and keep us if sold. and how much you get please.
  9. Wind noise @ hwy speed

    I have not noticed any wind noise coming from either area in my hybrid xlt so far.
  10. POSSIBLE Hybrid Available in New Jersey

    Purchased my Mav Hybrid from Downs Ford last Monday and they were very professional and honest during the entire sale.
  11. Power Moonroof Option

    Moonroof is a great option if you can afford any extra equipment. Mine workd great with 0 headroom lost.
  12. Received my XLT Hybrid on 4/1

    1st Tank Refill on my Hybrid XLT was 470.1 Miles Driven/ 11.719 Gallons = 40.11 MPG Real Calculation not from dashboard MPG. That is much better than expected as most of my driving is Highway. I feel very fortunate to have waited 9 Months and actually receive my Maverick where others have not...
  13. I just picked up my XLT Hybrid from the dealership!

    Ordered July 7, 2021 Production Feb 10, 2022 Built Feb 25, 2022 Shipped Feb 26, 2022 Received March 28, 2022 Downs Ford Toms River NJ was outstanding and honored entire contract and financing from July 2021. Cactus Gray XLT Hybrid Congrats on receiving your Maverick and yes definitely worth the...
  14. Ford Isn’t So Bad

    Or as long as we think just like you. No other opinions matter more than yours.
  15. Ford Isn’t So Bad

    Yes this garbage still. Crazy people may not think like you isn't it.
  16. Ford Isn’t So Bad

    I cannot disagree more. The Worldwide scamdemic sh**show gave Ford the go ahead with a new business model it has wanted for years. Only build what is actually ordered with a few extra for the dealerships to make their money on. No more dealer lots filled with leftovers needing rebates to move...