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  1. Does changing engine a week before “scheduled” build change place in line?

    So I originally ordered a fully loaded XLT on 9/24/21, but when I found out about changing the engine options it may have been too late. I changed end of Nov or early Dec, and my build week was set for middle of Dec. Does this mean my new (changed) order gets put into the back of the queue and...
  2. Build date pushed email received 10/11

    It’s been a year and a month already for me. Order confirmed on 9/24/21, and originally got scheduled for 10/24/22
  3. What comes next for the Ford Maverick? (Jalopnik article)

    I'm hoping Chevy brings back the S10 name to rival the maverick
  4. What comes next for the Ford Maverick? (Jalopnik article)

    I personally wouldn't mind buying a full-electric AWD Maverick as long as the standard range was in the 300s
  5. Maverick Gets Dark Tinted Headlights, Tail Lights & Windows, Roof Wrap

    Someone finally has black XLT wheels. Beat me to it. Glad they look great. I can't wait to get mine and do the same thing. Did you powder coat or paint the wheels?
  6. Well this is different.... 7 white Mavericks

    well... I ordered a white XLT hybrid. My order couldn't squeeze in with these? lol
  7. Clarification of the Maverick email sent to Ford dealers

    Haven't found any info on this yet, but what will be the differences between the 22 vs 23 model mavericks?
  8. 📬 02/10 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Never got this confirmed with my dealer, but if I change my order before it is scheduled, do I get moved back in the queue? I removed floor mats and tonneau cover for reference
  9. Production Constraints & Planned Production Rates For March-April (as of 1/28/22)

    I knew I should have added my own tonneau cover after I got my maverick
  10. Savagegeese Hybrid XLT Review

    Idk if other platforms use the same rear setup, but the rear springs (4:24 in video) seems like it would be a concern in the future. What do I know though??
  11. White Maverick looking good with cab spoiler, mudflaps, tailgate spoiler, hood protector, stripes, tires

    Glad I went with the Oxford white. It looks great with the two spoilers. I want to see what the truck would look like with powder coated/painted black XLT wheels. If it hasn't been done before I get mine, I will post
  12. Maverick work truck spotted!

    ME: Calls pest control just to test drive the new maverick haha
  13. Painted black steelies on BFGoodrich KO2 245/65/17

    Dang... will definitely beat me to it. Pictures please whenever you do
  14. Maverick vs Semi Head-On Collision = PSA: Don’t Drink and Drive!

    Hate it for the people involved, but this brings me to question the safety rating for the maverick. I wonder when that will be tested and released?
  15. Painted black steelies on BFGoodrich KO2 245/65/17

    I was planning on painting my XLT hybrid wheels gloss black when it came in. Hopefully, I will be the first to do it
  16. My Maverick XLT on BFGoodrich KO2 245/65 Tires With White Lettering

    Hmmm this has me wanting to throw some A/T tires on my hybrid when it gets in just for the looks
  17. Fun Maverick Colors

    I do wish they had the Race Red for the maverick