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  1. Finally figured out why my seat was uncomfortable

    Turns out the '23 Lariat model, which doesn't have heated seats, actually has the elements for the heated seats for just the driver...they just cut the wiring...and with the way they cut it on my vehicle, it was jutting out just enough on my rear end that it was noticeable and uncomfortable. I...
  2. DIY interior cubby mod - Maver-ojis 👍

    Made this RGB sign during covid ( 24bit RGB LED Emoji/Sprite Display : 4 Steps - Instructables ), and decided to repurpose it for the Maverick. You can follow the instructions on the instructable above to create your own, or if there's enough interest, I might just start to package these as...
  3. Driver seat comfort/discomfort

    Anyone else notice a noticeable wire under the seating material at the base of the driver seat in the middle back? I'm finding a little bit of discomfort on longer drives... might look in to adding some padding under the seat in that area. Thoughts?