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  1. Maverick XLT Radio Issues

    I've had the screen go blank, radio won't start, phone won't connect. Not a big fan of Ford when it comes to communications. Had the same issues with my c-max!
  2. A thought came to mind for us Maverick owners. Know where your Hazard ⚠️ Button is at!

    I stopped in the road to help a turtle cross, and I couldn't find the dang thing! Went home and explored... Took me a good ten minutes to find it!
  3. Locked out for the second time.

    That happened to me once so far. My husband used his fob, and it worked. Tried mine again, worked fine. I have also had the truck lock with the keys in it several times. Luckily, the back doors don't lock! Glitches?
  4. Had Something Weird Happen Today

    I got locked out at the gym last week. Fob didn't work, and I couldn't get the key to turn in the lock! Alarm went off, but was able to use the fob to deactivate. My husband came with the extra key, and that worked. Tried my key again, and it worked. It's weird, alright!
  5. Any 2024 Maverick issues?

    Yesterday, I pushed the unlock on my key fob and nothing. Tried the key, and no luck. Had my husband drive over with the other fob, and he got it opened right away. Tried my fob again and it worked. Weird glitch, that the dealer couldn't explain. Other than that, no issues on my 24 XLT.
  6. XLT Luxury group?

    Sirius is an easy fix, but I do miss the push button start!
  7. Anyone have their status go from built to shipped after 12/24?

    My 2024 XLT was built on 12/23/23 and was shipped 1/4. Waiting for arrival!
  8. 2024 hybrid only need post ty

    Interesting. I ordered a 2024 hybrid XLT with luxury package on September 9. It is now built and awaiting shipping. Feels like things are moving along pretty well, as my expectation was more than 6 months!
  9. Merry Christmas Y'all

    Merry Christmas from Pawleys Island! My maverick just went from built to shipping, so Merry Christmas to me!
  10. Can you add Blackout Package during build stage?

    That's good to know! Thanks!
  11. Can you add Blackout Package during build stage?

    I just learned about the blackout package and my XLT is in the build stage. Any chance I can add this package?
  12. Got my build date today

    Congrats! My build date for my xlt is this week, but I've been reading that others are being postponed? The link to check on progress is no longer working, so I'm out of the loop at this point.