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  1. Fast Keychains

    Are they hard plastic or flexible silicone? What does the reverse side look like?
  2. I shot my own FOOT! NEGLIGENCE!!!

    Nuts Torqued? Will now replace the Got Milk? advertising slogan
  3. Matte Black Lug Nuts?

    I bought black silicon lug nut covers on ebay for $8 so I don't need to worry about my nuts getting scratched (pun intended).
  4. How to unplug the Camera Wire/camera from Tailgate/Endgate

    I don’t have a “protective cap in the glove box”. Anyone have a picture of it?
  5. Interior Trim

    I agree about the cheap, easily scratched plastic. I have a 2017 Kia Soul and the plastic they used on this similarly inexpensive vehicle does not show scratches as much. So it is possible for Ford to provide a better budget friendly interior. Are you listening FORD!
  6. Maverick Widebody design complete.

    Looks great, though I would just want the rear bed pieces as it’s hard enough to get up my very steep driveway.
  7. My 2026 Maverick concept drawing

    Nice render! Can you share which AI site you used, and what was your keyword text description?
  8. Shifter Upgrade?

    I’m waiting for the redesigned 2024 Ranger’s short throw e-shifter to become available, hopefully later this summer (it’s already in Australian trucks). Looks like it will be an easier conversion size-wise than the current F150 e-shifter.
  9. Coverado Covers- Is this Normal?

    Mine fit perfectly. Make sure the plastic pucks are pushed all the way through the space berween the back and seat cushions, and flip vertically. If the pucks slip to a horizontal position it can cause a gap.
  10. Grey and White seat covers From Mabett are on Amazon

    Sorry, I don’t have the packaging anymore, but they should be universal and mine fit perfectly. Make sure the plastic chucks are vertical after they are pushed in. Maybe some of yours flipped horizontally.
  11. Grey and White seat covers From Mabett are on Amazon

    My Coverado covers don’t have a gap and fit tightly. It looks like your plastic chucks that slip between the seat back and base are not positioned properly. Watch this video to see what I mean.
  12. Just my way to fill that useless dash cubby opening, I like analog anway

    I guess nobody has noticed the faux stitching added around the dash. Where did you get that (link please)?
  13. Quest to color match exterior door handles and mirror caps

    Mirror caps and handle covers that cover the original mirrors/handles are cheap on ebay. I bought the carbon fiber looking ones to match other trim I installed. You can paint them whatever color you like.
  14. Mod to Unlatch Tailgate From Inside?

    Simplest would probably be to drill a small hole on the inside tailgate to add a metal rod attached to the handle that you could push/pull like the emergency release inside the trunk of newer cars.
  15. LXT rear window change to power controlled?

    Check out this thread: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/lxt-now-with-power-rear-window-under-100-00.44790/
  16. Remove console cover?

    @Redneck Garage Can you please post pics of the vinyl console cover clips if you have them. Thanks!
  17. How to Blackout Third Brake Light

    According to others on this sight, Ford uses the 2015 and newer third brake light on several models including our parts bin raided Mavericks to save costs.
  18. How to Blackout Third Brake Light

    I went on ebay and bought a 2015 2016 Ford F150 Smoke LED 3rd Brake Light Replacement for $14. Now just need the rain to stop to install it.
  19. Grey and White seat covers From Mabett are on Amazon

    Here is the Amazon Coverado style I bought in an XL Here is another Maverick Truck Club photo of a different Coverado style installed in his XL
  20. Real Truck cancelled Hood Deflector

    I got the AVS Bug Deflector II from RealTruck before they stopped selling them and had no issues with them after I got longer fasteners. RT even discounted them for me. Guess I was lucky.