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  1. Newbie trying not to get lost in the sauce

    Awe hell just stretch those bunny legs and drive to see and experience some snow …
  2. Newbie trying not to get lost in the sauce

    Snow Bunny from Florida, that’s rich 😂. Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new ride!!
  3. SoCal Meetup that didn't quite work out

    Saturday would be better when the Mess Hall is open for coffee lunch etc. Sunday it seems people do other things like church. Sorry I missed it.
  4. inthecabin

    SoCal Mavericks

    Wow I’m there almost every day with my dog.. we had a yard sale this weekend otherwise we would have been there…
  5. inthecabin

    SoCal Mavericks

    Ummm where exactly?
  6. Phonetography: Show your best camera phone pics - Mavericks ONLY!😝

    Badwater Death Valley end of March
  7. Another tonneau cover question ~~

    Any flexure of a painted will eventually crack over time. Maybe a trifold hard cover and only paint the hard surface. The main reason most are black is reflection into the cab.
  8. Low speed wheel to curb impact = Nearly 3 months of shop time and likely transmission replacement?

    Maybe just a simple loosening and retorquing of the newly installed assembly will help. The reason they bypass that is because of their 100% confidence it was done right the first and also the cost of disposable parts needed to do that, meaning warranty work on the repair work they completed...
  9. Found a Maverick on the lot today...and I see why.

    That’s Ranger territory and I have both Maverick and Ranger. I prefer the Ranger myself but my wife loves the Maverick!! We paid 31k for the Maverick loaded Lariat Hybrid but waited over a year for delivery. Happy no issues except dash rattling.
  10. Is this arm rest cover dog proof?

    I got mine from mabett I think correct spelling, I have a 72 pound Dutch shepherd and protects it very nice !!
  11. Major Power Outage... Thank God I have a Hybrid

    I think the point is that he can plug his electric device in and not continuously have his vehicle ICE running continuously vs people with an ICE only would have to continuously run their ICE while using the onboard inverter.
  12. Missing lighter cover in 2024

    Sliding rear window switch.
  13. Added Fingerprint Reader/Lock to Console Vault

    So can you add my fingerprint to it? Just in case you forgot which finger you used . 😂
  14. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    2022 Lariat Hybrid, took delivery 10/22/2022. 14 k miles. All recalls done. Took an 1100 mile trip with various weather and road conditions. Went from Orange County CA up highway 395 through Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth and a trip to Death Valley. Beautiful views and back road scenery. Handled it...
  15. It could gag a maggot...

    Never mind I found the solution..
  16. It could gag a maggot...

    Ok do these Mavericks have a cabin air filter? I tried pulling down the glove box but it wouldn’t budge. 2022 hybrid lariat if that matters.
  17. FORDS Military Appreciation is an insult to Disabled Vets

    Agreed, I volunteered when people were bitching about being drafted. Nobody owes me anything but hell yes I will ask for a discount on just about everything. It’s saved me a lot of money in some unusual places. As a veteran I don’t expect anything, advertising can be deceiving and misleading...
  18. FORDS Military Appreciation is an insult to Disabled Vets

    I’m a Vietnam veteran and whore out my veteran status at retail as much as possible. If denied no big deal. I do understand OPs logic. Bummer..
  19. Help identify part# door sails

    Heck it probably does due to the shape..