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  1. Ford's Best $50 part is the Tailgate Assist!

    Exactly the same reason I got mine. Now that I have it I will say that it is pretty nice. This coming from a former carpenter who is now on my 7th pick up and my Maverick is the first one to have a dampener.
  2. Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier

    I used a steel one last fall. Of course being steel the carrier is heavier than the aluminum ones. I loaded a deer on it and drove @an hour to the butcher. The deer weighed 135lbs. While driving I would have never known it was there. I have a 2023 XL Hybrid.
  3. ECO mode question on Maverick Hybrid

    I use Eco all the time because I like the braking effect. I have commented on another post that I doubt I will ever need to do a brake job. I believe the claims of better gas mileage in Slippery mode. When I have tried it I need to brake a lot harder and more often. My thoughts are, a brake job...
  4. Wiper blade delay feels too long?

    I tested mine after reading your post and do not experience the same thing. Mine is similar to any other vehicle I have had and seems just right.
  5. SIBL + DIBL Franken-Liner -- combination of spray-in bed liner from Line-X + the modular drop in liner

    Good idea! You may however find you do not like items sliding around in the bed. I do not like items in the bed sliding so I use a thick rubber mat.
  6. MPG with primarily 'in city/town' driving?

    I just filled up today. 636 miles on my trip odometer and put in 12.974 gallons for 49mpg's. This is what I would call mixed, suburban around town driving in Moore couty NC. Doing at least the posted speed limit and being conservative/light on the throttle. No EV coaching or attempt to hyper...
  7. Best inexpensive mud flaps

    Since your post requested a recommendation for inexpensive mud flaps I think the best option is the Mabett ones. You can add a piece to the left rear one to cover the gap if you are handy and so inclined. There are a number of posts on other mud flap threads about how to do that. I have them on...
  8. Need clarification on bed tie downs on XL

    The holes for the anchor points that are up high just inside the tailgate are there but are not threaded. You have to either tap the threads or us self starting bolts. I think the same holds true for the floor tie downs. At least they were not on my 23XL Hybrid.
  9. Thoughtful Features

    Just the other day I had the drivers window open and my arm on the window ledge. Right away I noticed how comfortable it was! I find the arm rest on the inside of the door very comfortable as well.
  10. I just don't understand this truck

    Mine has all kinds of weird things that happen as well.
  11. How soon does your tailgate assist engage?

    No just one assist needed. Goes on the drivers side. Not sure if it could go on the passenger side.
  12. My first add-on: Tonneau Cover

    Looks good. I have a friend with one on his Ranger and he likes it. I have the same style, which I like, just a different brand.
  13. Best Tailgate assist on Amazon

    I got that one for several reasons. Price, it came with the installation tools, and the reviews. It did not engage soon enough for my liking and I sent it back and ordered the Deezee. Here is my thread about my experience...
  14. Biggest Flaw in Design

    I hate tailgates that lock when you lock the cab. Glad my XL is old school. I can deal with the key lock when I want to lock it up.
  15. Tailgate spoiler question

    Not to hijack the thread but I seem to remember you were getting better MPG's after installing the spoiler. Is that correct? Thanks
  16. How soon does your tailgate assist engage?

    Yes it is a light tailgate and I have no issue with it. The assist is for when my wife uses the tailgate. She loves driving the Maverick!
  17. XL versus XLT -- differences / value?

    The best value for me was the 23 XL Hybrid with CP360 and a hitch otherwise known as the value edition. I waited just under a year but got it.
  18. Most fun to drive? What say you?

    1970 MGB Honda Civic AWD Station wagon manual. Forgot the year @the early 90's.
  19. How soon does your tailgate assist engage?

    This is not an answer to my question. I don't know what your tailgate is made of but mine is not aluminum. I got it because my wife has bad arthritis with a fused wrist and 3 replaced nuckles and it is easier for her to handle lowering the tailgate with the assist.