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  1. Michigan Buschur Racing Intake $125 shipped

    buschur racing intake with K&N filter $125 shipped
  2. Michigan Accessport $450obo shipped

    Accessport for Maverick completely unmarried and ready for your truck. 100% worth it! I have pretty much all the money apps. Zelle or Venmo preferred.
  3. Where to find a front bumper?

    My truck was involved in a tornado and it’s finally time for my turn at the body shop as they have been swamped around here after that storm. My appointment is Monday and they called to cancel because the front bumper is on backorder with no eta. I’m thinking if I can find a bumper that I...
  4. My Maverick escaped a tornado!

    The other day I was on my way to pick up dinner. Noticed a crazy think in the sky that now I know was the roof of a building but normalcy bias me just thought it was odd so I went to take a video. This is what happened next. Truck was kind of lifted up and teetered back and fourth at one...
  5. Best spark plugs?

    Best spark plugs for modest mods? Let’s say tune, intake and exhaust? I’ve heard so many opinions but they aren’t very specific. Like are Ford Performance worth it? Is so what do you gap them at?
  6. Michigan Sold: JB4 Piggyback with Bluetooth $678 new Asking $425 shipped

    A little sad to see this go but I’m going a different route that requires voiding warranties. Unlike this. Super happy with it. Easy install. Easy ON THE FLY map changes. I can’t imagine not having the Bluetooth. This INCLUDES Bluetooth adaptor already installed. Asking $525 shipped...
  7. Who has a JB4?

    Installed my JB4 today and seem to have some issues. I’m emailing back and fourth trying to figure them out but I’d really like to bounce ideas off of someone else that has a Maverick
  8. Ford spoiler kinda sucks

    Just put on the Ford accessory tailgate spoiler. It’s not great. Is hollow with an odd finish that already seems to be collecting marks. I don’t see it holding up to well to truck stuff. Like if a 2x4 leaning against it or something
  9. Rok Blokz hardware rusting. Did I do something wrong?

    I just put these things on around Christmas. Did I do something wrong? I can’t imagine they would ever include hardware that’s exposed to these conditions that would rust or corrode. Help
  10. Michigan Meet Up?

    I don’t know when but I think we NEED to have a meet up here. Mavericks on Ford Rd …. Seriously https://themavbrew.com/
  11. Bedcover AND spoiler?

    I just ordered the x15 pro and now I want to order the factory tailgate spoiler. Anyone have any input if they two will work together? Im guessing yes but who knows
  12. Best Price on Truxedo Pro x15?

    Can you guys help me with the best price on the Truxedo Pro x15? Ive tried RealTruck and Alex. That seems to be a myth. Even the emails are returned. Maybe he no longer works there. The online chat said there’s no way they’d sell them at that price. Well I’m ready to order. Please...
  13. Ender 3 V2 help?

    Hey all, I hope this is an okay place to look for help here. I recently picked an Ender 3 V2 and it was doing pretty decently but I was having some small issues with bed adhesion. I bought a BLtouch and that’s when my problems began My printer will not do maybe 20 layers if I had to guess and...
  14. Fun Fact: Valvoline Instant Oil Change won’t change the Mavericks oil

    Sitting at Valvoline to get my oil changed and they are saying they can’t do it until it’s in their system. Don’t bash me for using Valvoline. It’s a fleet account so I don’t complain 😊
  15. GFB DV+ installed! Pics and video

    LINK HERE Sounds good. Install wasn’t to bad. I know people will tell me I’m nuts but I swear boosts hits harder and faster with this. Which I guess is the point over stock or simply the Steeda plate. Well worth the extra money. Love love love
  16. Would our little roofs support this? Yakima TopWater ROOFTOP FISHING ROD BOX

    https://yakima.com/products/topwater It’s 8.5’ long. Wouldn’t carry much weight. Just concerned about wind
  17. eBay roof rack. I don’t hate it

  18. Don’t buy from Brondes Toledo

    This is absolute robbery and insulting to anybody looking at it. I’m all for capitalism but you also need to have morals and standards as a company LINK
  19. Infinity Reference Review

    Installed a set of THESE that I picked up on Black Friday for $82.95. I was reluctant to simply swap speakers because in the past the difference has been negligible without an aftermarket head unit or an amp. Well I took your advice and swapped these in today and WOW!! I did not expect such a...