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  1. Georgia Steelies & hubcaps for sale

    I have a set of four 17 inch Steel wheels & hubcaps from my XL for sale. No tires or TPMS. 225.00 for all. Local pickup preferred. I will drive to the TN border on I-75, SC border on i-85 or AL border on i-20 if full price paid.
  2. Android Auto shuts off radio in my XL

    Every time I connect Android Auto in order to use Maps, the radio shuts off & I cannot turn it on. Once I unplug my Pixel 5A, I can use the radio again. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so, what is the fix?
  3. XL Cruise Control installed in GA/SC/TN

    I want to give a shout out to member UGA who installed factory cruise control in my XL Hybrid. He took his time and was methodical in the installation. He is located in North GA, but has had people come from SC, FLA, GA & TN too. If you are looking to install cruise but don't want to attempt...
  4. ESP Plans not able to be bought from out of state dealer?

    I went to sign the papers for my Maverick today and when I mentioned that I was going to buy an ESP plan from Flood Ford, the F&I Manager said that Ford was cracking down of dealers like Flood Ford from selling to out of state customers. He said that Ford was cancelling these plans and forcing...
  5. How to determine protected X-Plan price when invoice shows price increases

    When I ordered my Maverick back in Oct 21, my dealer said they would accept X-Plan. Now that my truck is ready, the dealer says he doesn't know how to give me the X-Plan price since the invoice has the latest price increases and has to contact Ford to get this information. Is this the correct...
  6. Maverick got built, now trains may go on strike next week

    After 11 months since I ordered it, my Velocity Blue XL hybrid W/ CP360 was finally built yesterday. Today I read that there is a good possibility of a national rail strike next week. I'm never going to get my Maverick :(
  7. October 25th hybrid order going into production

    After 310 days, my Velocity Blue XL Hybrid with CP360, hitch and inverter is going into production on September. 7th. Now I can buy my goodies to add to it.
  8. Ford cancelling hybrid orders?

    I read on a Facebook Maverick group that a person ordered a hybrid Maverick on 11/1, received the confirmation email but had the dealer call them today saying that their order was cancelled by Ford. Has anyone else heard about dealers saying confirmed orders have been cancelled?