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  1. New Owner South of Boston

    Funny story: I found a brand new 2023 Lariat FX4 at the Ford dealer in Easton (who will remain nameless) on Sunday. Spoke with the sales manager and scheduled time to meet on the next day (Monday). I get there, take the Mav out for a test drive, decide I want it. When I get back the sales...
  2. New Owner South of Boston

    How much south of Boston? I live in Rhode Island and bought my 2024 Lariat FX4 (same color) off the lot in January at Colonial Ford in Plymouth.
  3. 3D Printed Tailgate Hole Caps

    P99Guy: I think I’m your Rhode Islander. Part came in quickly, popped right into place. Great job.
  4. 525 days later...one of the unicorns

    I found a 2024 Lariat FX4 with 30 miles on the odometer on a dealer website on Tuesday, January 16. I drove it home Thursday, January 18. Maybe I’m a two-horned unicorn (two-nicorn).
  5. Ford Maverick Among Top 20 Vehicles Priced Over MSRP

    A business case as old as time… Economics 101: Supply and demand. Business Administration 101: Increase shareholder worth. Marketing 101: Differentiation drives value. Finance 101: A good or service is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Common Sense 101: Get while the getting is...
  6. Ordered New Maverick

    I read these ordering “horror” stories and I wonder how I lucked out. I found a factory new 2024 Lariat FX4 listed on CarGurus on Tuesday and was driving it home on Thursday. I’m being dead serious when I say “WTF”?
  7. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    Traded in a 2018 BMW 430iX vert w/58K miles and a 2016 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4 w/22K miles toward my 2024 Lariat FX4. I loved the Frontier: comfortable, simple, powerful, an absolute machine going through the snow. Never would have parted with it except the gas mileage was brutal; 16 mpg on a...
  8. List the good guy Dealers that charged MRSP and no excessive prep-delivery fees

    Here’s a little more background on my overall experience. On the previous Sunday I saw. a factory new 2023 Lariat on the 24 Ford of Easton, MA website. I contacted them, they quickly responded and we made an appointment for the following day. I get there and take a test drive; I’m all in and...
  9. List the good guy Dealers that charged MRSP and no excessive prep-delivery fees

    Colonial Ford; Plymouth, MA. Sold at straight MSRP, waived dealer acquisition fee, threw in a factory bed extender free of charge (I was trading in two vehicles so this was a bit of a bone based on the trade-in values). Fantastic experience all around.
  10. OK, there are officially too many Mavericks (hint - this was meant as humor folks)

    Started looking into buying one the beginning of January: I had never seen one and honestly wasn’t even aware they existed. Lucked into one that came into the dealer on Tuesday, January 16; immediately drove 50 miles in a wintery mix mess to get dibs on it and close the deal all in about 3...