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  1. Jan 31 Build week folks

    That's good to know! I'll stop panicking. Seems weird to have two different tracking bars with different info on them.
  2. Jan 31 Build week folks

    I got my scheduling email on Dec. 2 with my VIN, but when I clicked on the link this morning it no longer shows that it's been scheduled. Has this happened to anyone else? Order Date: 8/04/21 Scheduling Email: 12/02/21 Scheduled Week: 01/31/22 Build: Hybrid Lariat Lux, Cactus Gray, no add ons...
  3. 📣 12/2 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Arriving!!]

    Cactus gray Lariat Luxury w/ copilot. No extras. Email came in at 10:59 MST. Order 8/4. Whoo!!