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  1. Maverick Work Truck lifted on 17" wheels, Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires size 245/70/17, Rough Country lift

    Rim size will have nothing to do with tires rubbing. Assuming same offset and tire height. A 30" tall tire is 30" tall on a 17 or 18 inch wheel.
  2. DIY Bed Extender

    This fits perfect and even uses the factory mounting holes. Much better shape than the OEM and less than half the price. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0969PXX6G?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  3. The Train Ride from Hermosillo to NorCal: How long?

    Mine was 15 days to Ohio. Much faster than I was expecting, I had planned for a month.
  4. Inverter: modified or pure sine wave?

    I was getting ready to post about the same thing. It's been an issue with Fords inverters since they have offered them. It's why I consider the invertors as a worthless option.
  5. Tremor question

    $10k to 15k over msrp seems to be asking price around here on in stock Tremor's. Hopefully no one is paying it.
  6. Thinking about ordering a new Maverick... Lots of ?'s

    I should have said the only useful items on the lux are the heated bits and a few of the other items are personal preference. The Ford 400 watt invertors are useless junk at best, the standard lux package bed light is next to worthless. Both can be had aftermarket and much better quality for...
  7. Thinking about ordering a new Maverick... Lots of ?'s

    If your not planning on adding packages that need the XLT the XL with copilot 360 is the way to go in 24. Your giving up the rear seat armrest, power tailgate lock and getting steel wheels that are a cheap upgrade if you dont like them. IMHO the 24 XL interior is better looking than XLT. But you...
  8. Have you all been happy with your Tremor off-road capability?

    The Yota will be more capable offroad, but I doubt you would ever run a daily driver hard enough to notice the difference. East coast wheeling comes with a high probability of body damage. We dont get the nice clear trails like out west. Anything more then what a base awd could handle will a...
  9. Installed new Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Tires (235 65 r17)

    I don't think the OEM AT3's are anything special. The look changes with the size.
  10. Installed new Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Tires (235 65 r17)

    I noticed the Falkens got much quieter around 200 miles on my Tremor.
  11. What not to tow in your Maverick 🤣

    As dumb as this is, aside from the horrendous and illegal tie down job, the only part that would be legally overloaded is the hitch. The exact same part that would be legally overloaded on a brand new F150 that no one would blink an eye at.
  12. 2024 Wait Time Estimates

    I wouldn't believe anything a dealer says. Their guess isn't much better then yours. Some 24's will get get scheduled in October and some wont even make the 24 MY.
  13. So... Anyone else had a shipping delay?

    I had the opposite problem, it arrived quicker then expected. Shipped 8/8 and I took delivery 8/23. I was expecting at least a month and didn't have a chance to look for outside financing.
  14. Price protection rant.

    I wonder what the difference is. I saw on the screen myself that every time protection date was selected in smart vincent it would pop up in red x plan not available on this vehicle. Did you guys have partner or friend and family x plan?
  15. Price protection rant.

    Neither did I or the dealer, but as soon as protection date was selected a red message appeared that said "vehicle is not eligible for x plan". I had to show him how to get the price protection so I saw the screen myself. We tried doing it in different orders with the same result. Dealer said...
  16. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Shipped!

    Mine delivered much quicker then expected once shipped. Shipped the 8th and I took delivery the 23rd in Ohio.
  17. Price protection rant.

    I had to tell my salesman they needed to go into smart vincent and mark protection date. They did and honored the original price even though Ford would not. (No price protection with X plan it appeared.)
  18. I’m getting excited… what does this really mean?

    I could see my window sticker 7/12, if not before and I didn't notice. I was built 7/25. There doesn't seem to be much consistency anymore in how this stuff goes.
  19. Built 19th still waiting to ship...........

    Lordstown ramp? (RB2M) Mine was built the 25th, good chance they will be on the same train.
  20. Finally showing built!! Now the wait to get delivered

    Got the built email at 1AM today. The tracker shows built on the 25th. It's the first email from Ford since May 25th, which is when I got my VIN.