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  1. I shot my own FOOT! NEGLIGENCE!!!

    Missed the sarcasm obviously.
  2. Tail Light Recall 24S27 -- have you had it done?

    If your Forscan changes were on the same module they are updating, then yes it will remove your Forscan programming.
  3. Tailgate letters

    Not mine, but a picture from another post.
  4. This Hot Pepper Red is now a Green Pepper (Painted Maverick) for Mother's Day Surprise

    You wont be feeling anything close to a boob until you step up your gift giving. HaHa.
  5. Rattling engine noise...

    Thanks for the link but I have seen none of the listed issues on my Lexus ES models. I only had 1 issue with my first Maverick that was a failed fuel tank pressure sensor. My MY22 XL EB had 36K miles on it when sold and sold for more than the original sticker price. Not much to complain about there.
  6. Tailgate letters

    Personally like the black better, I can not get past the inconsistency of the mixed red, white, and blue. I like the colors in our flag but best left for the flag. I had red letters on my Shadow Black Maverick and now have chrome letters on my Hot Pepper Red Maverick. To each their own.
  7. Rattling engine noise...

    Lexus. I have had several with no issues at all except normal maintenance items. Oil and filter, tires, and brakes.
  8. Forscan Ideas for Dummies (Things You Can Do Using Easy Mode)

    My MY24 hybrid was already set at FULL ELECTRIC HYBRID so this did not fix my 0 MPG issue. Next I will try the suggested "see if eco coach works without enabling "eco coach with efficient drive mode"
  9. Forscan Ideas for Dummies (Things You Can Do Using Easy Mode)

    Same here on my MY24 XL hybrid, the eco coach screen it says I get 0.0 mpg when I’m done driving. I wish there was a better option for the hybrid economy display. I have tried all the currently available options and still not happy with the lack of system status or information. I like the...
  10. TuxMat for the Non-Hybrid Maverick is back in stock

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZLM1FL5?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details I am currently waiting on a set myself ordered thru Amazon due to Tuxmats limited payment options. Slow shipping.
  11. 840 Miles • 1 Tank Fuel • Hybrid Maverick

    Impressive. MY24? I am a little confused, So do the Hybrids have the 13.8 gallon tank or the same 16 gallon EB tank? Seems obvious that 15.8 gallons would not fit in the 13.8 tank.
  12. RIVAL Aluminum Skid Plate Ford Maverick (non-Tremor)

    If you want to send me one, I will test fit it on my Hybrid for fitment confirmation. Looks Great.
  13. Anyone else looking for a Hybrid Energy Monitor?

    Thanks, I have been using that coach but it is very basic and seems inaccurate. Many times it will show all white hybrid and no blue box but if I feather the throttle it will switch to all electric. Most of the time I cannot tell if the ice is running or not. More detailed system status...
  14. Anyone else looking for a Hybrid Energy Monitor?

    Thanks Tom for your time and insightful input. :question::rolleyes:
  15. Anyone else looking for a Hybrid Energy Monitor?

    Thanks for the information. Sadly it seems Ford doesn't think this would be beneficial. Battery state of charge at a minimum would be much appreciated. If it is not too much to ask, when convenient could you post a picture of the mentioned Lariat hybrid screen? Thanks.
  16. Anyone else looking for a Hybrid Energy Monitor?

    I would love to have an energy monitor similar to the old Toyota Prius graphic display. Anyone know of any options or suggestion for something like this? The Ford bar options lack much of the information shown here. Android Auto App?
  17. Thinking of trading in 22 hybrid for 24

    Be sure to check with Carvana or others to compare to the dealer's offer. I got 3K more with Carvana than the dealer offered. That was more than the MY22 sticker price for the no option XL EB. 2 years and 37K miles later it was worth more than new. I could not pass on that offer.
  18. How are you paying for Maverick?

    Does anyone know what the offered interest rate was 9/2022 when the MY23 order banks were open?
  19. Should i change 22 xl eco to 24 xl hybrid

    This is an interesting situation. Hope they do go by the original order and not the later change. Good luck.