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  1. Rumor Mill: Post your "production stopped," "orders cancelled," "order moved to MY2023" rumors here

    Last week my dealer said that they had no trailer hitches. This week he said they had no problem getting the hitches and that dealers do not have allocations, nor do districts… it is just Ford pulling orders in whatever order they want… so, bottom line, do NOT believe anything the salesman or...
  2. 2022 Ford Maverick Brochure [PDF]

    So did I at my dealer here in FL..,
  3. Y’all going through this? Delayed again

    At least you had a build date… many of us are still waiting for one.
  4. New Here Ordered min on Jan 14th 2022

    I am 2 weeks ahead of you. Let’s see who gets theirs first….LOL
  5. Trailer hitch shortage

    that is why I asked. My dealer said they were have difficulty getting hitches… I only asked to see if anyone else he’d heard of it…
  6. Y’all going through this? Delayed again

    At least you have a build date..,
  7. Trailer hitch shortage

    My dealer just (01-24-2022) informed me that Ford has a shortage of trailer hitches for the Maverick. Thus, if so, another parts shortage and scheduling on hold… anybody hear of it?
  8. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Just submitted my info… EB, XLT velocity blue, trailer hitch. Confirmation email 01-01-2022.
  9. Cranky people in this forum?

    Whose complaining. I just want to know why you ordered yours after I did, and you have a build date and I don’t… not complaining… just curious who you blew… LOL
  10. Hybrid fee (tax) in your state?

    So when everyone from another state drive through yours, they will not pay any “tax” like they do now when they purchase gas… therefore, you will end up paying more especially if you are in a high traffic tourist state.
  11. Make your own Maverick bed tie-downs: DIY bed side rail tutorial by Ford

    Not sure. But the Maverick bed from the specs sheet is 4 1/2 ft. When I get mine, will see where the stock tie downs are and then decide which length to order.
  12. Trailer Lights not working on the 7 or 4 pin truck connections?

    Make sure the fuse/fuses are installed. I have seen/heard where the fuses are not installed when built.
  13. OEM Bed Cubby installed on XL - pics & part number: NZ6Z-60286A72-A [Updated w/ DIY writeup]

    To be done properly, it should be removed before the bed is sprayed, then put back on. The same with the tie downs. My understanding is that is why the gas tanks got drilled into when they used wire brushes to clean the threads for the bolt holes after spraying the bed liner.
  14. Just order new Mavrick on 1/6/22

    We ordered our XLT 2.0EB with only option is the trailer hitch on 01-01-2022. I received order confirmation about 30 minutes after we left the dealership. We have priority code 11, and have heard nothing else other than the confirmation. So, the wait continues…
  15. Searching Ford Inventory..

    I have quit looking because of all the “bait” ads… then when you inquire you get “I am sorry that one is already sold” or “ that is a customer order” “but if you come in we can order one for you”. I am on several different “lists” that if one come available we will call you… we just ordered one...
  16. Parts delay

    Maybe this is where our Maverick parts are and why production is so backed up…. LOL
  17. Deposit not applied to financing.

    Our deposit is shown right in our order price sheet along with all the charges.
  18. Was a Drivers License required when you placed your order?

    Yes we did. We got our email confirmation from Ford about 30 minutes after we left the dealership.