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  1. Buschur's production 3" cat back exhaust!

    Is that a muffler or resonator?
  2. Area 51 XLT FX4 Build: 245/67 Vredestein AT, Buschur CAI, BAK Revolver X4S, OEM Accessories

    Looks great! Where did the center hood decal come from? The outsides are Ford.
  3. Body color Door Handle Covers?

    To verify, Bronco Sport are the same as Maverick?
  4. Body color Door Handle Covers?

    I found matte black covers on Ebay. Probably the best to start with as a paint project.
  5. Custom emblems, lights, grille bar!

    I like the what was done in the last pic. I have been trying to decide what to do to mine.
  6. Magazine holders for the interior cubby

    131mm x 33mm x 23mm for G19 according to my micrometer.
  7. MRT Street Performance Exhaust installation & review on 2.0 Maverick

    I decided to reinstall the factory exhaust. Easy if your cut is clean. In my experience, SS pipes ring, and they rang my ears off. Your opinion may vary. It's a 4 not an 8. There is no duality.
  8. Pennsylvania Sold

    Yes, just remove the small bolt and slide it out.
  9. Pennsylvania Sold: Sold

    BEST OFFER + $50.00 shipping East of the Mississippi. Sweet looking. Quality materials and welds. Just not for me. I installed this on January 3rd. Super easy. I have been experimenting with the CC 4 baffle insert. You can tune this insert to change the sound. Still too loud for me. This...
  10. Buschur's 3" cat back exhaust prototype for 2.0 Maverick all done!

    When you are referring to "cat" you mean catalytic converter? I know the Maverick has the catalytic converters and two mufflers. Im confused. Removing catalytic converters in PA is a no-no.
  11. Tailgate Assist price discount on Ford site

    Check EBAY. They are cheaper from Ford resellers.
  12. Tailgate Assist price discount on Ford site

    Spray it with Boshield, both sides before install. Its plated metal so its really not necessary.
  13. Tailgate Assist price discount on Ford site

    I installed one yesterday. As others said in previous topics, when installed correctly, the stainless steel bolt rubs against the piston. Easy fix. Remove and file the bolt head, it is a deep recessed Phillips head. Plenty of metal to file down. Use the proper size screw driver tip and...
  14. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    I appreciate your responses. I ordered the spacers. 20 mm looks perfect! Sweet looking grill!
  15. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    Did the factory lugs fits?
  16. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    Thank you! Were you able to use the factory lugs and locks?
  17. Wheel spacers for Maverick??

    Can you attach a link for your spacers?
  18. Buschur's 3" cat back exhaust prototype for 2.0 Maverick all done!

    Any idea when they will ship and what configs you will offer? Im looking for a SS exhaust that is not loud, drones or wakes the neighbors:)
  19. Rokblokz Mud Flaps for 2022 Maverick now available

    Not all branded parts are the best. I had both. Check the driver's side flap. Which one prevents the water and muck from traveling up into the light fixture? You decide.