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  1. Just another trip to the Ford Dealer

    Little minor issues adding up is why I traded in my Mav for Subaru. We'll see if Ford decides to make Quality Job 1 in the future... I'd love to have a Maverick that didn't make me fear being stranded on the side of the interstate or have my lone vehicle at a dealership for a week+. Such a...
  2. Maverick envy from a Santa Cruz owner

    Appreciate the advice! I'm not overly concerned at this point when it comes to preserving the longevity of the vehicle though. I've had it 5 months and just went over 1700 miles on the ODO. I leased this one. Went to LA and back (to Phoenix) and it was a pleasure to drive. But we'll see what...
  3. So sorry to all members

    Plenty of haters here, and vocal ones at that. But this forum is primarily great people. don't let a handful of a-holes get you down
  4. Maverick envy from a Santa Cruz owner

    I traded my Mav for a 23 Crosstrek Limited. Yellowed out the fogs the first week too. Did not lift tho ;) I miss the mileage the hybrid got, and the bed utility. Other than that, everything else was a (slight) upgrade. Most importantly, my payments for both the vehicle and insurance went down...
  5. Trade my 2022 mav XLT hybrid

    Sport hybrid maybe. I tried to upgrade my Lariat hybrid into a CR-V hybrid Touring but dealership was not going to play ball. Understandably!
  6. See the Maverick next to any vehicle (your choice), at scale

    Good start but definitely lacking at this point. I do miss my Mav, but parking the Crosstrek I traded it in for is a breeze (stupid single-car garages)
  7. Finally did what I bought my Maverick for!

    At first I took the whole thing off. It Second time I realized I could leave it on if the bike was turned to the side. It barely fit, but it fit.
  8. Dealership Premiums: To Pay or Wait?

    Having owned one for over a year, I can attest it is not worth $1 over MSRP. There are plenty of alternatives out there, unless somehow the Maverick's specs 100% meet unnegotiable needs. At MSRP, certain trims/add-ons are a good deal. I don't think I got fleeced at all buying my lariat hybrid...
  9. New member from Mesa AZ

    Cut and paste fail from someone who doesn't know the difference between a Bronco/Maverick/Mustang/Schwinn
  10. Ford maps center dash cluster

    Looks like maybe Ford listened to customers... When I did my survey I made a point to say "add navigation to the sync 3 for the Lariat Lux". Probably a few others chimed in with similar thoughts. Wish they'd done this from the get-go
  11. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    This is a great looking product line up! I'll for sure be snagging a few things
  12. Maverick and Santa Cruz together photo

    It would be even better if we could put a hybrid into the SC. I'd be on an entirely different forum if they had.
  13. Can a guy get a test drive?

    I've been happy to let any member here who's never driven or even seen a Mav come check mine out. Still am! It's gotta be better than trying with a dealer, if they even have one
  14. Took my Maverick home one year ago.

    I honestly hope you get yours soon. I thought the process was a mess 18 months ago. After seeing your and so many others' wait times, with little to no updates from Ford along the way, it's clear their whole system is broken. Probably should've anticipated this with the Bronco fiasco...
  15. Took my Maverick home one year ago.

    After waiting what seemed like an eternity... Though these days not so much... I was able to take my hybrid First Edition Maverick home one year ago today. 6600-ish miles later, this little truck has met my expectations fully. Though I'm skeptical of its longevity, it has fully met my...
  16. Tempted, but what would I do?

    While it's cool, as a current owner, to see Maverick resale prices up high.... PASS!
  17. Email about a paid survey?

    Got it today as well. I believed it to be legit, but trusted getting the gift card about as much as most of us believe in Ford to get their s#it together (which is not much at all). Deleted before I finished reading it.
  18. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Re-applying that to mine is actually on tomorrow's to-do list haha
  19. Airbag recall done, truck won't start

    Same. Leaving the recalls alone until I need another oil change/rotation. By then hopefully the techs know what the F they're doing
  20. Back seat pizza …

    That's the one I've heard about! Not here in Arizona either but damn, what a gut-busting awesome way to start the day