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  1. CD player, cassette player and 8-track player capable 2024 Maverick XLT!

    Well, if we ever have an EMP attack, your audio system will continue to work.
  2. Maverick is MotorTrend's Top Pick for Best Small and Midsize Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2024

    I know, I saw that too and laughed my ass off. :ROFLMAO:
  3. Maverick is MotorTrend's Top Pick for Best Small and Midsize Pickup Trucks to Buy in 2024

    Already knew it. That's why I bought the Maverick. :D:ROFLMAO:(y)
  4. Auto start/stop fix ?

    Indeed, 12.8 - 13.0 is considered full charge for an AGM battery. My A.S.S. now works great since I had the factory defective battery replaced under warranty. Important to note is the fact I do not drive all that much, maybe 50-75 miles a week locally mostly, and the A.S.S. always works.
  5. how do you protect the bed side wall paint?

    I bought the Ford Modular Bed Liner. It does a great job of protecting the bed. :D
  6. This hurts... hit just 2 months into ownership

    We did. Dodge Challenger Hellcat. No video so their word against ours.
  7. No more mods, out of cash.

    Nice looking Maverick. We already cook most of our own meals. It is not so bad you know. :D
  8. This hurts... hit just 2 months into ownership

    Yesterday unloading a Cat 336 at my place. Having to unload it on the road blocking one lane. One car refuses to stop even after being signaled to do so and almost forces the oncoming car from the other lane into a ditch. We get the middle finger for our efforts so always good to know we were...
  9. Charging system service warning could be this issue for you

    Bad batch of cheap Chinese connectors.
  10. Turned the Page Today... " Goodbye Little Maverick "

    Those professing that this is caused by a bad battery just may be onto something. I had a totally defective battery in my Maverick from the git go. Less than a week after taking ownership my Auto Start Stop quit working and never worked again until the battery was replaced with a new AGM. It...
  11. Turned the Page Today... " Goodbye Little Maverick "

    I do not blame you. You showed remarkable patience throughout the process. More than I prolly would have. If Ford cannot figure out how to fix a vehicle they have made that leaves the driver stranded 4 times on the side of the road within a 3 month period they need to buy the damn truck back...
  12. Interior Trim

    There was a smell, but a cleanish type smell, not perfumes or puke certainly. It went away after a day or two and I did not find in obnoxious at all and neither did my wife who is very sensitive to odors given her asthma. I have used this product for years personally liking it much than armor...
  13. Interior Trim

    I noticed a few nicks on the plastic driver's side door where the seat belt buckle must have whacked the plastic. I tried some McGuiers Ultimate Interior detailer and it darkened the scratch area and made the scratches much less noticeable. The stuff gives no where near the shine of...
  14. My first real issue

    One more reason why I am changing the PTU fluid at 5K and RDU fluid at 10K and every 10K or 3 years after that. Oil and fluids are dirt cheap even by today's standards when compared to an out of warranty repair such as this.
  15. Hail coming tonight...

    Sure glad we don't get much hail up here, but I guess in order to get hail it has to stop snowing. :ROFLMAO: I wonder If there is such a thing as a cushioned car cover to protect against the crazy large sized hail.
  16. Brake calipers paint applied

    Looks great. I've always uses Rustoleum flat aluminum paint which is oil based. Never thought of using a latex based paint. Interesting.
  17. #1 reason to buy a Maverick...

    Much better idea than putting it on the back seat and getting grease on the upholstery.
  18. My 2024 Hybrid Maverick Lariat Azure Gray Metallic so far.. Raptor grill, lowered, Mach-E GT wheels

    Not trying to be negative and I appreciate all the work many put into their Mavericks to make them their own. This being an open discussion forum I have a few views to share. With that said, I think the FORD Lettering is too large for the Maverick and as a very conservative truck modder I...
  19. You know some people just wanna be a d**k

    In a very similar situation as yours I once asked the guy why he felt the need to squeeze right in next to me when he had the whole parking lot. He said f&%k you!! o_O No thanx, you're not my type but was it my cologne that turned you on? :ROFLMAO::D 10%ers are everywhere.
  20. Spied: Maverick Refresh Lobo ST Street Truck Reveals New Vertical Grille Design & 13" Infotainment Screen

    My Gawd, that grille is horrendous!!!! What the hell? The current design is sharp as hell. I despise change for the sake of change.