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  1. Hybrid Maverick owners with no issues / problems -- please speak up

    Got mine in August, currently have 10k miles on it. No problems. Love the smooth transmission more than I ever thought I would. Towed a popup camper, my boat, did 3 1500+ mile road trips. Commute 34 miles one way to work, average lifetime MPG 39.7. Love the hybrid - wish the bed was a little...
  2. What Aftermarket Accessory Do You Think Every Maverick should have?

    Interested too. My accessories include Roll-n-lock bed cover, bed extender, wet okole seat covers (havent arrived yet) and front bug guard.
  3. Seat Covers

    Thats for front and back, I believe its $353 for just front with full piping - like pictured. Thats the best looking for sure, the basic starts at $300 for just the front. I put the 4knines seat cover in the rear, since I got a baby, and plan for these nicer ones in the front for comfort and...
  4. Anyone towing a camper with Hybrid Mavierck?

    I have questions! Can you show pics of the inside? Can you give a ballpark on the cost? That thing looks incredible!
  5. Very low speed braking anomalies

    Same. Actually pulling out of Chapman dealer lot after purchase there was a loud THUD, and I mean loud! I thought I had hit a curb or something. Happens occasionally still but not as loud. Still constantly have odd braking, and unpredictable stopping power at low speeds.
  6. Any Hybrid owners get the free FITS package?

    Champan had mine in the rear seat when I went to pickup earlier this month.
  7. Anyone bought the Wet Okole seat covers yet?

    Can I ask which one you plan on getting? I’m about to just pull the trigger. I was trying to decide between light gray, charcoal, or navy main color and burnt orange full piping.
  8. Anyone bought the Wet Okole seat covers yet?

    I searched a few threads and see that the Maverick is available. I have used them in the past and like them since I surf. I just want to see if anyone has them and if they can share pics. I kind of want to go full piping and see if the burnt orange color matches.
  9. Odd Brakes in Hybrid Maverick

    I am new to Hybrids all together, and this happens to me in stop and go as well. I literally have to slam the brakes when it happens, very odd and sometimes makes me a little uneasy!
  10. How long before full trust in a road trip?

    I bought from Chapman Ford in Philly August 10th, picked it up and drove it down to south Florida immediately. So far so good. That was roughly 1500 miles from brand new - currently about to pass the 2k milestone in the next week or so. I trust it. *knocks on wood*
  11. Hybrid towing experience

    Exactly. I think MrLM002 is either mistaken or confused. As mentioned, if your under the 2k towing and 1500 payload, your fine. Either way you did it and climbed. I live in Florida so it’s dead flat. I can’t wait to get out. I’m planning a trip nearby in September, I tent camp mostly but that...
  12. Hybrid towing experience

    I guess our definition of popup camper differs. My camper has a hard roof (hard shell?), that also has an AC and pops up. Beds slide out with the canvas. The picture the OP posted looks identical to mine. If you are referring to a different type of camper than the OP posted, I dont see how it is...
  13. Hybrid towing experience

    Again, my Skamper sleeps 6, listed weight of 890. Skamper made them for years. I was just giving an example. I havent looking into other brands because I own the Skamper. I think a lot of older (90's popups) had similar styles and weights...
  14. Hybrid towing experience

    There are plenty of popups that weigh less than 990lbs. I have a Skamper 170x with a listed weight of 890. We removed the sink and grill/propane tank and some cabinets (probably about 150-200lbs worth). Depending on his model and what is inside it can change the weight fairly quick.
  15. NVX powered subs

    Yep, they go on sale quite a bit. Have pretty good reviews. I consider NVX one of the best bang for you buck brands in the caruadio market today. Granted - I have been out of the game since 2008. For those who arent familiar with NVX, I highly recommend looking at them and checking out reviews...
  16. NVX powered subs

    I have been a huge fan of the NVX line as a whole in general. Just installed a sealed 15" in my nephews car with one of their amps. Was blown away. They make some powered slim line subs and the boxes are actually ported - which is a huuuuge plus IMO. Curious if anyone has ran either the 8 or 10...
  17. Hybrid vs. Ecoboost: Opinions and why? I have a boat and popup, plus 45mile 1-way commute.

    This thread is over a year old from when I made it. But - as an update: I went hybrid, and I actually picked it up from Chapman last week. Drove from Philly down to Florida (last Wednesday for all of those in the Virginia area) through SEVERE weather rain. Pretty annoying but the truck is...
  18. Will Full size spare tire fit under truck?

    I will have to contact you when I’m driving back home from Chapman to grab one of these! Im still waiting for delivery, so no idea when but my truck has been shipped.
  19. Special code received to save $750.00 on the Ford Maverick

    Can anyone confirm this? I got the PCO as well.
  20. My 2022 Mav XL Hybrid Mods.

    How do you like the retrax? Also, that AI litebox looks awesome, just plugin and play?