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  1. Delay email just went out Maryland

    In the past week, the local Costco Business Center has been out of Coke Zero, all brands and flavors of soy milk, white chocolate and all brands of apple juice. Maybe those of us who have dealt with being unable to get things due to supply chain issues have a little more understanding about...

    I have it on good authority that these were the people in the truck before it burned.
  3. Well, that was fun while it lasted.

    Mine was a hybrid as well. Who knows? I'll get my truck sooner or later and that's all that matters.
  4. Delay email just went out Maryland

    Think it through. You walk away, and neither Ford nor the dealer gives a damn. The dealer may very well be happy because they'll be able to make more money on the truck. Ford sells the truck regardless. You, on the other hand, will be buying a used truck with tens of thousands of miles and...
  5. Straight from the horse's mouth- Ford CEO Jim Farley

    Too many people think that "the customer is always right" is a good way to operate your business. As someone who has run a business for seven years through a pandemic, I'm here to tell you that's garbage. Of course we're willing to work to accommodate customers with reasonable requests but if...
  6. Does Maverick remind anyone else of Scion?

    Well, keep in mind that Element is at least eleven years old at this point. I considered buying it as a work vehicle but once again it was the age plus miles just not giving me enough of a price break versus a new Maverick. I know. I'm an asshole who's doing this for strictly business reasons...
  7. Barron's Reviews the Maverick

    "The truck actually is that good. It’s small enough for easy maneuverability, and yet there’s tons of usable space, both in the folding tonneau-covered bed and the back seat. The Ford is very practically laid out, with nice touches such as the little extensions in the panels for pulling the...
  8. Buying $6k ADM Hybrid Lariat, thoughts?

    It is. It's why dealers hate it when you focus on the price and tell them you don't care about the payments. People who have the assets to slide a credit card to the dealer and say put it on this, knowing they can pay it all off before the bill comes due, focus on the price.
  9. TELL ME HOW WRONG I AM… Buy Santa Cruz and sell when my Maverick arrives?

    Damn. That's ridiculous. Good for you for making the financially smart decision. Let someone else be the sucker that's born every minute.
  10. Buying $6k ADM Hybrid Lariat, thoughts?

    I know people who were c-level execs at S&P 500 companies or who sold their companies to those firms. They'll spend a lot of money but they do it wisely. That's how they stay wealthy. Yes, they could easily piss away six, ten, twenty, even 100 grand. But they don't. They want any purchase they...
  11. Buying $6k ADM Hybrid Lariat, thoughts?

    The whole point of a Maverick is that it's inexpensive and provides good value. Add six grand to the price and it's neither.
  12. Check your Tire pressures!

    I think (I can't track my car because it's a convertible even though it would run circles around some of the cars I've seen at track days) that we're talking going from 32 to 30. So not a huge reduction. Just a few PSI. I really would like to track my car a few times to see what it can really...
  13. Check your Tire pressures!

    I've heard of people deflating PS4s or SC2s a few pounds when they take them to the track and by the end of the day, they're running close to the 50 PSI max. Of course, highway driving is not a track day so I kind of doubt it would happen.
  14. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    One of my employees saw one this weekend. Seeing how San Diego was used for a lot of the shots of the Maverick (I literally walk by the townhome that's in the background when the Maverick parallel parks and the actor takes things out of it every day) I was wondering if Ford is doing another...
  15. Check your Tire pressures!

    Actually, I was wrong. Here is a real world test that Popular Mechanics did. Now, if we want to be pedantic about it, we could say it's one test and that we need more data points to draw a definitive conclusion. And that would be correct. But as a proof of concept test, the negligible...
  16. Check your Tire pressures!

    Maybe five percent would be more accurate? Even if it were true, you can buy a lot of gas for the two grand it cost to buy the PS4s on my Mustang. I'll go with the already stiff ride at the posted 32 PSI, slightly lower MPG and longer lasting tires. I plan on doing the same for my Maverick...
  17. 🛑 Dealer Memo: Ford Will Suspend New Maverick Ordering Until This Summer

    It's been difficult to complete our orders with the wholesalers so if we're having problems that's not a surprise.
  18. Personalized / vanity license plate for your Maverick??

    Who gets this one? In a hybrid truck. Kind of ironic, too.
  19. Ford Rubber Bed Mat finally here and installed

    Don't forget rubber bar mats. They make a great option if you're willing to buy a couple and trim them down. And those things are damn near indestructible.
  20. TELL ME HOW WRONG I AM… Buy Santa Cruz and sell when my Maverick arrives?

    Bad idea. You don't just eat the depreciation. You also eat the taxes and fees. And the used car market will cool down, with many experts saying it will happen this year. Pay for the repairs and keep your current car going until you get your truck.