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  1. Your age / occupation?

    Shake it but don't break it.
  2. Your age / occupation?

    65 1st career was farmer/rancher 2nd career VP of a large bank 3rd Crop adjuster
  3. FX4 + 4K Tow which tires do you get?

    me too but maybe they will excell in other ways. Little weak on snow.
  4. FWD vs AWD in Snow?

    My snows last just a few days unless I get a bad blizzard, my experience is snow tires are great if you have a lot of continuous snow. I don't and snow tires wear really fast. My main reason to get AWD had nothing to do with snow, really soft areas and mud.
  5. Deep snow test by Maverick owner [video]

    Good real life vid.
  6. K&N 33-3131 drop in air filter installed on 2.0 Maverick

    WOW. I have almost always switched to K&N at first oil change as I believed it was better for extreme dirty conditions, I guess I won't do that again.
  7. Keep you hands on the steering wheel warning

    It could be your mother-in-law in the back seat.
  8. 2.0 average mpg

    30.7 80% highway 87 octane awd loaded 2.0 I have over 3,000 miles computer says 29.1 ave.
  9. Fx4 vs Non Fx4 on road stiffness

    Also you get 17 inch wheels which gets you away from low profile tires. Low profile handle better but also gives a much stiffer ride.
  10. Fx4 vs Non Fx4 on road stiffness

    Like a vast majority of people I have only driven what I have. I have fx4 and 4k. Having been through several bak operations ride is King for me. This pickup rides like a dream off and on the road. Have 3,000. I have never used the modes but ould like the eco and I understand it can be...
  11. Considering changing order to add FX4 off-road package - opinions? Will it change my place in line?

    Oh and one odd advantage the black wheels that come with it are MUCH easier to cleanIf you ever get dirt/mud on your innerwheel area you will appreciate the ease of cleaning because of spacing of spokes on wheel.
  12. Considering changing order to add FX4 off-road package - opinions? Will it change my place in line?

    The only drawback besides the $800 is it makes it a slight PITA when changing oil, adds another 20 minutes, you have to take off the skid plate. But if you are changing on recommended time that's only once in 10,000 so.....
  13. Texting issues

    Who knows maybe this old man can learn a little bit Thanks for the help, if the phone is plugged in it will allow me to text. I only do text to talk and this helps immensely. I have an app with a rather intense mapping system and it works great if plugged in. Thanks to you, this old dog...
  14. Texting issues

    I think bluetooth I have seen car play come up but not sure what to do on that.
  15. Texting issues

    Got the Lariat Lux love it so far but why can I only text back to the last text I have received. I have an Iphone11. Is it my phone or pickup? I would love to text to talk because I am usually on the edge of reception and text work better. What do I need to change?
  16. Suprise review! How the Maverick holds up to a T-Bone accident! Edited with phitos of other car

    Glad you and yours are ok. Consider an easier review next time.
  17. Any Maverick owners with NO problems / issues so far?

    2800 miles averaging around 29. Not happy with tires (Pirelli) but they performed well on gravelly/sandy roads today. Zero complaints on the pickup. Changed oil at 2,000 miles the skid plate is a PITA. Definitely would buy it again. ECO 4k fx4 Lux Lariat
  18. Lariat Owners: Was It Worth The Extra $$?

    I think of reasons to drive it. Yes I would do it again.
  19. Maverick vs Rivian parked side-by-side [NA Truck of the Year Finalists]

    Drove 341 miles today went up in elevation about 2,000 foot, could not have done that in a Rivian.