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  1. 10" wide screen

    I doubt it would've been the ultra-wide screen like you're comparing it to. Most likely, it would've been a 12" Sync 4 screen as found in Bronco (not Bronco Sport), F-150, etc. It clearly has the width for it with the little void next to the screen, and it would just be a bit taller.
  2. Base Lariat Hybrid Observations

    Unless you plan on sneaking up on people to commit illegal acts, do not do this. The noise is to alert others that you are approaching, replacing the engine noise as a cue to people who may not see you for any reason.
  3. Patiently waiting

    You do the same thing Americans and everyone else in the world does - we view things in our local currency if it's not obvious it's a different currency. I just provided the conversion so anyone in the US would understand your $46,000 isn't our $46,000. :)
  4. Spare Tires & AWD

    Per your owner's manual, AWD will be disabled with the temp spare in use. TPMS will alert you because there's no sensor in the spare. Limit your speed and get your normal tire/wheel repaired/repalced as soon as possible - don't continue driving on it for a week until you make time to take it...
  5. Spare Tires & AWD

    A spare tire is an emergency tool for low speed and low distance to get you to a shop where you can safely have the wheel/tire repaired/replaced. Any damage that would result from excess use is not a concern when used properly - to get you to a shop, not at freeway speeds, and then swap it back...
  6. Ohio Document Fee

    If your dealer charged you more than a $100 document fee, they violated X-Plan program rules and owe you the $150 overcharge. Source:
  7. My twin in Maple Valley?

    I think you're looking at the brake caliper... The one on the right has the standard Lariat 18" Bright Aluminum Wheels. Only XL gets steel wheels. As opposed to your FX4 with these upgraded 17" Alloy Wheels.
  8. My twin in Maple Valley?

    Huh? Those are two similar but different aluminum alloy wheels. No hubcaps, no steel wheels, clearly not the same.
  9. Ford Has Put A Delivery Hold on my Maverick for Spray-In Bed Liner

    Wait, you would "call it pathetic if" someone ahead of you in the queue got their Maverick before you? That's not healthy. If OP's original truck was ahead of yours in the production queue, it's only reasonable for OP to get a truck before you.
  10. For rewarded my patience with an $890.00 msrp increase

    The dealer can pull up the Order Preview sheet in the system and view X-Plan pricing on it. They can literally generate that same sheet at any time by creating a mock order without actually submitting the order to Ford. There's nothing to wait for. Sounds like they have no idea what they're...
  11. Better backup camera upgrade?

    Lariat Luxury is the only way to get Sync 3, vs. the standard "Connected Touch Radio" that appears to descend from an older European Sync 2.5 system. I wonder if the problem is not so much the camera as the image quality on the base touchscreen compared to the Sync 3 image quality.
  12. For rewarded my patience with an $890.00 msrp increase

    They should've been able to provide you with the Order Preview from WBDO with X-Plan pricing on it, did you not get that?
  13. For rewarded my patience with an $890.00 msrp increase

    No... Price protection is from Ford to the dealer back to quoted invoice pricing at time of order. MSRP is a suggested price, there's nothing for Ford to protect. The dealer will pay what the original DORA/Order Preview from WBDO indicate, so long as the person who ordered the vehicle is the...
  14. Ford Extended Warranty???

    You're paying to extend the factory warranty to whatever level you purchase. You're not purchasing that many total years/miles. Also, there is some coverage that starts right away, such as RentalCARE, that would give you a rental any time the vehicle is in during the factory warranty period, too.
  15. Cracked windshield glass

    Driving a vehicle unfit for purpose is never an option.
  16. Cracked windshield glass

    What the heck? You do have a choice to not drive a vehicle that is not fit for purpose. DO NOT drive like this.
  17. 2nd major issue with the Maverick hybrid, owned less than a week. 12v Dead as a doornail

    My 2012 Focus was built in March 2012, picked up in April 2012 (so it didn't sit long at the dealer), and had its 12V drop too low to start the engine within 6 months. Parked it for the weekend and on Monday, I unlocked it and put the window down, turned the key, and... no juice. These cars...
  18. Hybrid first tank 34 MPG in Chicagoland

    Phoenix today has a high of 70ºF and a low of 42ºF. Flagstaff is 45ºF down to 21ºF. That's definitely cold enough for heat, even in Phoenix at night/early morning.