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  1. Quick oil change

    After my third oil change I decided on modifying my skid plates with a ValvoMax M12-1.75 quick change valve and a 4" round cutout for my oil filter.
  2. Engine cover & DIY strut tower brace

    Hi, The Mercury 2.0 engine cover. 3/4" aluminum. I hope these pictures help. You have to make a bracket also
  3. Just towed trailer 200 miles with XLT EcoBoost 4K Tow AWD (Santa Cruz to Lucerne CA through 3 mountain passes)

    Hi, Just towed my new trailer 200 miles from Santa Cruz, CA to Lucerne, CA with my 2022 XLT EB 4K tow and AWD. Got 11.5 MPG @ 57mph. Went over 3 mountain passes in cruise control. Cruise dropped between 2 and 3 mph and then caught up. Sometimes there is a whooshing sound. Maybe the fan...