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  1. Who wants a Shelby Maverick?

    So my old 74 was a Shelby clone Mav. Also they did actually make them in Brazil back in the day. Licensed and all. So given Shelby history with both the Maverick and FWD turbos. It seems to me it would be a match made in heaven(talking to you Carrol). Im thinking sport suspension, tuned up...
  2. Hello!

    Aloha! Valley Isle guy here. My lady and I just ordered ours from Granger Iowa on the 11th. Velocity Blue FX4 4K XLT. Standard package but we got the back window, spray in bedliner, and splash guards. We also hope to be able to get a cap before it built and ready to ship. We stopped by the...
  3. Lifted and new tires 🙌🏼

    Yes more pics please!!! Looks awesome. Its basically my build. XLT FX4 4K VB sliding window. I didnt get copilot or a sunroof but I did get the alloy wheels and the falken tires. Would love more pics of it. Especially if you go off pavement any.
  4. And Now, We WAIT!!!

    Atleast were not under a lockdown like those poor Bronco folks, they were lost for nearly a yeah locked away, forgotten about, many of them went mad and joined a kind of Maverick club. Mmmmhaahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
  5. Buschur's production 3" cat back exhaust!

    Are those air bags under there? Firestone or?? Are they for load stability or are giving you some boost?
  6. Want a CD player in your Maverick?

    Nice. However I really miss that sweet spot in time where the dash was normal. And you could get a screen that came out of your radio and folded away when you didnt want to watch something. Touch controls suck on screens for driving compared to buttons. Oh well. I like CDs since there isnt cell...
  7. FITS multifunction trash can

    We use those in our solid waste compost system. Were off grid. They take a year or so to break down. But unlike plastic they do break down.
  8. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    I think it is a bit of a divide. Atleast thats how it looks to me. Everytime i voice my annoyance of the subject. There are many immediate and loud responses both online and real life. People will complain about their phone or car system for this or that reason, I will ask them why they bother...
  9. Pickups Are Too Expensive: Bring Back Mini-Trucks

    They go for more than that here in Hawaii. Peaople here are Toyota crazy. I will avoid even riding one if I can. They are just wrong to me. But a early ranger with a V6 and a stick is something to behold for sure.
  10. Discussion about how to achieve a larger lift

    Portals? I dont know I am building a AMC Eagle right now. Its diff is bolted to the motor. Its complicated to lift them more than 3" without a SAS. Most of the guys that have gotten more than 3" out of the IFS on it have had access to a machine shop. Realistically anything over 2" will be...
  11. What will the recent news on the Maverick order cutoff do to the value of our Mavericks/Maverick market???

    All I know is the Maverick is a hit so far. As long as it stays affordable. If it doesnt it wont be.
  12. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    Yeah but continuing to voice our opinions could in theory eventually cause a shift in opinion that could cause a shift in manufacturing. Its not stripping things out. It is just not putting them in the first place. If these forums are a place for nitpicking how ones phone works with this or...
  13. Android Auto literally useless. Anyone else?

    Ohhh Trebek. I'm actually watching tv right now. Matrix Reloaded lol. I just had work to do. Nothing to analyze, im not that complex. but I do like to ramble about cars. I do welcome people onto my lawn. I did get the motor over the car. But hopefully next day I have off my wife will help me...
  14. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    Seriously though sounds like alot of yall are just too hardline about all technology that can be must be everywhere. Here's the thing. There are alot of people in this world that dont want or need every little advancement. And unfortunately we have to pay for them even if we dont want them. We...
  15. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    I dont know about you but on I live on Hana Hwy. Going through the gulches completely blinded buy a thousand convertible mustangs, tahoes, and wranglers is a hell of white knuckle experience.
  16. Android Auto literally useless. Anyone else?

    I like FM radio we got a cool local station here. And I'm really not popular enough to be on the phone alot of the time while driving. I just dont see why less fancy stuff isn't an option on the cheapest vehicle avg car company makes.
  17. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    The modern "old style radios" are only 3" deep x 2" tall x 8" wide. They would fit right where the new style is. It also would have lowered the purchase cost atleast a couple hundred dollars.
  18. Electric Screen in Mavericks

    I still think its all really bright at night. I dont like anything distractiong my eyes from the road especially at night. Even all the guages on an old car are annoyance to me at night. I'm driving faster than the speed limit, I know. I'm out of gas, I live way outside of town, I know. After...
  19. Android Auto literally useless. Anyone else?

    Alex? Sorry to those in this thread, I'm gonna go clean and install a flexplate on 10 year old 258 AMC I6 out of a CJ7 for my 1980 Eagle. Maybe pull the Eagle up the driveway with my Comanche so I can coast it into place in the garage under the motor. I dont have a floor in there so the hoist...