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  1. BAK Revolver X4s Tonneau Cover -- arrived & installed

    Looks great. And I really like the color of your maverick and wheels and tire combo. Very sharp.
  2. 5000+ miles, so how is it? 2.0 Maverick owners review

    Sounds like your getting great mileage for the ecoboost. Much better then a full size pickup. Sounds like you are really liking the Maverick. Thanks for the unbiased and REAL owners review.
  3. 600 Miles Per Tank Hybrid Maverick club

    Thats awesome mileage. Cant wait to get mine. Im curious to how many gallons you will put in at the pump. Just wondering how accurate the readout really is?? And getting that kind of mileage at 45 degrees is impressive.
  4. Hybrid XL received. First Impressions.

    I like the color. I ordered the silver . Good review Thanks
  5. Hybrid mileage at 500 miles: 44.9 MPG (600+ miles per tank)

    Thanks for sharing your mpg with us future hybrid owners !!
  6. My Iconic Silver XL Build

    cant wait to get my silver hybrid. Will be a while as i ordered in october. Glad you got yours. let us know how you like it.
  7. Hybrid mileage at 500 miles: 44.9 MPG (600+ miles per tank)

    Got any exact idea what the electric miles really means ? Does it mean that out of the total miles (503 miles) on that tank. 230.7 miles of it were on electric only mode ? Using NO gas during those 230.7 miles. If so thats pretty impressive.
  8. Hybrid mileage at 500 miles: 44.9 MPG (600+ miles per tank)

    Awesume I figured it would be similiar to the escape hybrid. Great news for us future Hybrid maverick owners. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  9. White Maverick looking good with cab spoiler, mudflaps, tailgate spoiler, hood protector, stripes, tires

    Wow you took a plain white pickup and made it look really sharp. I really like the side stripes below the doors. Makes the side view look much better in my opinion. Want to try those on my silver maverick when it comes in. Next spring .
  10. First 2.5 Hybrid Oil Change @ 5400 miles [Video DIY & Oil Analysis]

    yes rather low. But who knows how it was driven if it was a test vehicle .
  11. [Updated] Real world Hybrid Maverick MPG mileage after 200+ miles (by owner)

    Thats great mileage. When you get ready to refill the tank could you tell us how many gallons you actually used ?? Thanks
  12. My Hybrid Maverick DELIVERED!! [Updated] 🙌

    Congrats !!! Looks great. Send us some real MPG data when you have driven it awhile.
  13. DIY Honeycomb Mesh Upper Grille and Bumper Insert

    Looks great. Finally a picture of the silver Maverick which i have on order. Nice wheels too.