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  1. Ford Floor Liners for Hybrid Maverick Installed

    I went to Rockwall Ford to get these mats for my Lariat Hybrid and they are out of stock. I couldn't even place an order. They said to come check back in the future. I'm gonna use my Ford pass points
  2. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    I've seen 2 in the DFW wild and I've got my Hybrid Maverick. I saw about 15 Mavericks in downtown Dallas during the convention Ford was having back in September
  3. Anyone in dfw?

    Rockwall, TX here. Lariat Hybrid
  4. I Received My Lariat Hybrid Maverick Today

    Your going to love it. It was definitely worth the wait. I sold my 2017 F150 STX 4x4 3.5 Ecoboost to get this truck. I commute from Rockwall to Farmers Branch but my job is moving to Lewisville so the good mpg will definitely help me out. Maybe I'll see ya on the road soon in yours!
  5. Is the Maverick a real truck? I think it is and I am going to use it like a truck.

    My wife says my Maverick is not a truck. I think it is though. She calls it a fruity truck. Lol
  6. I Received My Lariat Hybrid Maverick Today

    I ordered my Maverick on 8/12/21. Thats crazy that you saw my Maverick at Rockwall Ford! I absolutely love it! Rockwall Ford was great during the whole process from ordering to delivery!
  7. How many miles when "new"

    My Hybrid Lariat had 7 miles on it.
  8. CARBONIZED GRAY Maverick Club

    My Lariat Hybrid. Delivered 1/3. I love it so far! Definitely worth the wait.
  9. How long did it take to get your mavericks? I ordered mine 11/20

    I ordered my Hybrid Lariat on 8/12/21. It got delivered on 1/3/22
  10. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    Nice! My first drive after picking up my Hybrid was 7 miles from the dealer to home. I got 65mpg. I was very happy. The Maverick is an amazing vehicle.
  11. Roll N Lock retractable bed cover installed

    I'm installing my roll n lock bed cover tomorrow on my Hybrid Lariat Mav!
  12. I Received My Lariat Hybrid Maverick Today

    I took delivery of my Hybrid Maverick Today after work. The dealership was fantastic from start to finish. The salesman called me at 10am when it arrived and they managed to do the spray bin bed liner in time for me to pick it up after work. I absolutely love the truck so far! I purchased the...
  13. Any Hybrid owners get the free FITS package?

    I took delivery of my Lariat Hybrid this evening and I received my FITS package. The dealer had it in its own sealed package.

    Congrats! My Lariat Carbonized Grey gets delivered this week. Patiently waiting
  15. ⏰ No Maverick scheduling next 3 weeks (12/20, 12/27, 1/3)

    Here's my Hybrid Lariat timeline: Ordered 8/12 Scheduled for 11/15 build date Changed to 11/29 build date Changed again to 12/6 build date Built 12/18 Shipped 12/20 Dealer called me 12/21 ETA to my Dallas, TX dealer week of 1/3
  16. ⏰ No Maverick scheduling next 3 weeks (12/20, 12/27, 1/3)

    I got an email from Ford saying my Maverick Hybrid was built! Delivery to the dealer say 1/1 to 1/7.
  17. ⏰ No Maverick scheduling next 3 weeks (12/20, 12/27, 1/3)

    Same for me but my build we was for 12/6. The tracker just says "in production".