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  1. Just picked mine up

    No pics? Sadface
  2. Maverick Delivered Finally!

    Looks really nice. Almost like the first edition color red. I wish that was a standard option.
  3. Changing build question

    I recently changed my build by removing a few options to hopefully lessen the chance of truck being delayed due to constraints. I signed an updated build sheet from my dealer. For people who changed their order, do you get any e-mail update confirmation from Ford similar to the one you receive...
  4. Line-X before and after

    Looks great. Can someone explain to me how the factory spray in liner was involved with gas tank injury/recall? What does spraying in material have to do with damaging the gas tank?
  5. Western Washington

    Hi new here. Please direct me elsewhere if there is a more appropriate place to ask this question. I'm in the Seattle area. Are dealers here selling at MSRP or do you have to deal with lots of markups? Would I just build my order through and have a dealer contact me? Thanks.