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    My very first Ford experience---and i hope they are NOT as bad as I have always heard--for decades. I would LOVE to think this truck is being made by Toyota.
  2. Rough Country: new bed cover tonneau option -- installed pics & feedback / reviews

    And my goal is to buy the BEST cover made overall! Don't care if that's Germany, Italy, USA, ---you name it. I have found products made in USA not as good quality as other countries,.....such as Canada/Germanyetc.
  3. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    Mav XLT hybrid ordered July 19, 2021.....received my Feb 14 build date week email on Decamber 9th. Fingers crossed!
  4. Auto Stop Start inconsistent

    Ez-est fix of all.
  5. 📒 Maverick Build Process Guide! - Window Sticker, Blend Date, Production Rotation Number, Built & Shipped Emails, Delivery Date Estimates & More

    I didnt get my in production w/ VIN for 6 months from order date in July 2021. It's build week is Feb. 14th week. It's a hybrid. So that is likely the reason it's taking so looong.
  6. Auto Stop Start inconsistent

    So its required to press the button each tie the vehicle engine has been turned off?
  7. Is The Lariat Worth It? - NO; Is The XLT Worth It? - NO

    Your opinion is just that-----YOUR opinion. MY opinion is the opposite. I enjoy the upgrades ---to me, well worth the money spent. YOLO!
  8. Question about the numberpad on side of door...

    I been driving a hybrid Niro for 4.5 yrs and I still forget to turn off the engine at least 3x week. It's so EZ to do. If I exit car and hit lock....its emits a high pitch warning sound for about 3-4 seconds, thank god! If no sound was engaged, I would have had my vehicle stolen soon after...
  9. Too late to make any changes now?

    My Mav is scheduled for build during week of February 14. Anyone know for sure if I would still be able to cancel rear slider?
  10. Does Maverick come with any kind of floor mats?

    Thanks for replying.
  11. Does Maverick come with any kind of floor mats?

    So assume back seat floors are bare metal?
  12. Kind of a silly question about colors

    Agree!.......if weight of paint is THAT important, maybe. Better to buy a Prius or some type of plug-in to gain a lot of EV miles