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  1. Buschur's much need front mount intercooler for 2.0L underway!

    I know what you do and i admire that. But I’ve seen it on many platforms throughout the years.
  2. Buschur's much need front mount intercooler for 2.0L underway!

    Glad to hear in the size but we will have to disagree on the second point.
  3. Lowering springs for Maverick

    definitely a vote for an AWD lowering kit here!
  4. Buschur's much need front mount intercooler for 2.0L underway!

    This core isn’t too big? Too much intercooler can be a hinderance too.
  5. Don't pre-fill your oil filter?!

    ROFL. Halibuloohah. The butthurt is strong with you.
  6. MRT Hood Struts installed

    You clearly know nothing but how to make stupid assumptions. If you really wanna pay that much for something that can be made way cheaper do you. I got ones for my Mustang under $75 that work great.
  7. MRT Hood Struts installed

    Yikes on that price. I get prices on metal have gone up but man they gonna turn a sweet profit if people buying those.
  8. Don't pre-fill your oil filter?!

    maybe you should stop your stupid assumptions! Just because someone says that’s the first they heard of it doesn’t mean what you think it means. If you wanna whine because it wasn’t the response you wanted maybe put those big boy pants on and join the real world Lol I’m not gonna appreciate your...
  9. Don't pre-fill your oil filter?!

    nobody said you were lying lol. Paranoid much?
  10. FWD vs AWD for acceleration?

    what about smiles per gallon? Hybrid won’t do that for me
  11. FWD vs AWD for acceleration?

    no there are non brake boosted 6.5 sec times
  12. Don't pre-fill your oil filter?!

    hmm never heard of that with the filter on the 5.0 and I’ve been on tons of pages and forums. Never an issue with the 5 5.0s I’ve had .
  13. FWD vs AWD for acceleration?

    Pretty sure people are showing 6.3-6.5 for most 0-60 times with AWD Ecoboost
  14. 2.0 tune performance gains w/ 93 octane -- 0-60 and 1/4 mile times

    Cool to see the tune giving that much. I’ve heard different things from different tuners in intake and downpipe adding power on these. Regardless good gains from a quick tune. An aftermarket intercooler will be a must. Hopefully some turbo upgrades are doable soon. 300-350 whp would be all if...
  15. After about 1400 miles am getting around 23.5 MPG

    I have a Rav4 and i can get 32-35mpg hwy on 20” wheels. That’s at 70-75 mph and depends on winds. I got 38 mpg with the Steelies. I think that driving closer to 80mph is killing you and hard take offs. I think if you watch your acceleration better it will improve. I mean i could get 28mpg hwy in...
  16. Where's the fuel pump?

    Is this a question for future awareness or something? An odd question in a new vehicle. I know my Rav4 is under the rear seat. Most vehicles this size have seemed to be accessed there. Maybe take a look?
  17. Impressed with FX4 factory Pirelli Scorpion tires in the snow (feedback / review)

    Maybe Pirelli improved cause the Scorpions on the F150s get a ton of hate
  18. Suggestions For Front Plate Mount Bracket?

    I used this on my Mustang. Looks like it would possibly work for the Maverick too. Go to products and look at the 15-21 S550 Mustang plate bracket.
  19. Video: 2.0 EcoBoost Maverick is back on the dyno (w/ catch can, 3" intake, 3" catback exhaust, colder plugs, HP Tuners tune)

    well when you are done fine tuning I’d love to see power with the stock wheels and tires cause my plan isn’t big ATs. It should give a better idea with what I’m going for with a light weight 20 with street tires.