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  1. What age group Maverick buyer are you?

    Just wanted to let you know that I am up to date on your most re videos…great job my friend!
  2. Got my Maverick early

    that is one beautiful truck!
  3. 1" Level Kit on Hybrid Maverick

    I was wondering the exact same thing! Great minds and all that stuff
  4. Need help deciding / Opinions on Aftermarket Tires

    It’s such a personal thing..I like those wheels, but I’m older, 55. Seems like the young crowd prefers the murdered out look… black on black. This is one time I say, look at lots of pictures of what’s been done with the Maverick and then follow your heart
  5. Got my Maverick early

    Remember…we need picture…or it didn’t happen ;)
  6. Maverick or Prius?

    Power, refinement…looks!
  7. Got my Maverick early

    My brother and I run a Kona Ice business in New Castle DE. Slow season for us…give us an address and we’ll spring that bad boy!
  8. First Edition is here!!

    VERY NICE! If I had gone FE that would be the ticket
  9. Maverick or Prius?

    Having had 2 Prius and now an Ioniq…The Prius is drop dead dependable…but my Ioniq is a much better car in my opinion…that being said, I am tired of my butt being on the ground all the time! Can’t wait for the Maverick to get me up in the air and still get great mileage
  10. Truck Club making the wait better or worst

    The learning has been the best…Adding cruise to an XL on the cheap, might would have changed my mind on my order had I known you could do that. Dealer allocation and many other vey enlightening topic’s
  11. New Guy here. Name: Reggie from Beavercreek Ohio

    I also ordered the moon my knowledge (Tim Bart’s) has never said that was a hold up. But anyway, welcome and I hope your a patient person! Lol
  12. Honest opinion from Hybrid Mav owners

    My reference to the eco mode was directed more toward my 2012 Prius…it drove like a dog in eco. My Ioniq on the other had is twice the car of those two Prius. That is an excellent car and will run like a stripped ape in sport mode. Toyota tried to milk the mpg numbers to make the new model look...
  13. Article: Popularity of Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup a 'big' surprise for the industry, even Ford

    Hell ya! I need to retire my 97 WT, but the girl just keeps going! Old diesels never die, just rust apart! Lol
  14. Silver Lariat in my Garage

    Sweet ride! I love the silver and the wheels! Congratulations
  15. XLT Hybrid Luxury Package Review - Ben Hardy

    Actually…yes ;) That’s my build, but I ordered th sunroof also, so I’m digging it! Lol