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  1. Best Jumper Cables for Maverick Hybrid

    Ya most places don't have the maverick listed or if they do its only universal parts I figure that for the first year or so it will be mostly dealer parts since I would say 90% of the trucks will be under warranty still. The last 10 being people who mange to put 40k on it in the first year or...
  2. Maverick AWD System Explained

    I didn't order my maverick so didn't know about that I bought mine from a dealership back in October
  3. Maverick AWD System Explained

    I got lucky in my truck cause it came with good tries right from the factory. My Xlt Fx4 4k Awd Ecoboost came with Faulken Wildpeak AT3W tires on it and I have been driving it though all the storms up here in maine with no issues.
  4. What is this sensor in the Lariat overhead console?

    Ya and that sensor can be annoying if your driving in windy weather that pushes the truck around. But from what I can tell if your not using the lane departure assist (button on the end of left stick the same one for turn singal) then it won't do the alerts. I get alot of wind on the highways up...
  5. Tire pressure for best MPG ?

    My maverick is the gas only motor ( ecoboost xlt fx4) and ture are at 40psi which is what it had from the factory/dealership. Do sticker says 35. I get around 29mpg which is pretty good for what the truck is rated for. Also I live 50 miles from nearest highway.
  6. Which Bak/Rev model is the OEM Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover?

    I thought all the ford site ones were Truxedo covers. I ordered a gator trifold for about 280 that comes in next month seen a few pictures of people that have it and it fits really well
  7. Finally arrived. We LOVE our Maverick. It exceeded all our expectations.

    That's the same cover I ordered but not gonna be here till next month.
  8. Video - First snow review in the Hybrid Maverick XLT FWD

    My maverick came with the Faulken Wildpeak AT3W tires and it is great in bad weather. I live in Maine had a dew storms more ice than snow and the maverick handles it like it's not there. We haven't had a 3 ft snow storm yet but I have driven it off into an unplowed field and had no problems...
  9. Truck King names Maverick "Best New Truck of 2022" -- Towing, Hauling and Off-Roading

    I'm only in the Portland area maybe once every few months so you won't need to worry about it. But like I also said IF the roads were bad enough to warrant me driving slow I will. But I'm getting ready to drive on this what do you think I should be driving at in MPH?
  10. Truck King names Maverick "Best New Truck of 2022" -- Towing, Hauling and Off-Roading

    It's a regular occurrence that people drive too slow in the snow up here. If the road had been bad enough to warrant going that slow I would have. If I had been in something with bad tires and 2wd maybe but I wasn't and the condition of that road plus how capable the truck was made it easy I...
  11. Truck King names Maverick "Best New Truck of 2022" -- Towing, Hauling and Off-Roading

    I have been driving mine for almost 3 months now in Maine. I can honestly say I am more than happy I got this over a low end Tacoma or Colorado which is what I had previously looked at. I got mine for $30,450 which was the Msrp on the window sticker no mark up at all. It has handled maine roads...
  12. Finally averaged 21mpg

    If he drives it normal without idling for 30 mins to an hr he can get 30mpg or close this is my buddy's Maverick same configuration as mine I get 29 on average
  13. 2.0 XLT FX4 is great in the snow

    I drove mine in the storm that shut down the highways in NH for all the ice build up and in slippery mode I never slipped the highway I was on was down to 45mph but the truck handled me driving g at 75 easily. I will say that the state lowers that speed limit alot and most of the time it is for...
  14. My Real World Hybrid MPG

    So here is a picture from one of my friends who just got his maverick ecoboost Xlt Fx4 about a week ago. He is about 130 miles Into this tank of regular grade gas give or take a few miles. I took this while he was hoping down the road.
  15. 2.0 XLT FX4 is great in the snow

    The. Ig difference between the tires is the Faulken Wild peak AT3W are rated for severe snow and all the scorpions except the scorpion winter are not. I think that's the biggest difference.
  16. My Real World Hybrid MPG

    I have the ICE eco. BOost which the manual also says premium is recommended I run middle grade or regular if I'm running low on funds and get 29mpg and have towed with no problems. I can't speak to the hybrid I never drove one but I didn't notice and real performance and maybe 1 mpg different...
  17. My Real World Hybrid MPG

    You are correct sir all Octane means I how much pressure the fuel can undergo in the engine before it ignites on its own. Which is why you have to use higher octane in higher compression engines in order to prevent pre-ignition which if people can't guess is bad off the fuel ignites before the...
  18. 2022 Maverick FX4 Deep Snow and Ice Winter Test

    Maine. Wp I ld have liked to have seen you try to mud ruts mode. It's what for recommends for the deep snow and what I used o walk out of the snowballs that the plows pushed up against mine