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    I can easily see the E is off😉😉. There is absolutely know way anyone would notice this. They look Great
  2. Maverick won't recognize phone for Apple Carplay?

    Turn off your phone and then restart it.
  3. Never had a new vehicle. Any tips?

    Take care of your new car. Get a trash container and put all trash in it. Keep the car clean and put a good coat of wax on it. Get the oil changed according to the vehicle specifications. Buy a hand held vacuum to clean the floors. Park away from other cars. Be careful when parking so...
  4. Bronco Wheel Cap Replacement Options?

    Here you go. I bought these. They look perfect.
  5. So Cal Maverick meet up

    I live in Santa Clarita. Every Saturday morning there is a car meet in the parking lot of the closed Kmart, and open Western Bagel. (7:00 am to 9:00) It would be nice if we could all meet there with our Maverick trucks. I have yet to see a Maverick there.
  6. Front Runner is looking for a Maverick to test fit - SoCal

    Are they offering any compensation for the person who lends them their truck?
  7. Should I accept the phone call from a number I don’t know?

    Well, I reluctantly accepted the call. Glad I did. My 2022 Maverick XL Hybrid is at the dealer waiting for me.

    I just called Ford and they verified what was said. They were contacted by a person who was still using a Blackberry phone. They stated the customer requested all correspondence be done by fax because they had no idea how to email or text. The customer stated they were using an older...
  9. $750 Ford Rebate?

    Would you be willing to trade or sell this? My truck is coming in a few days
  10. 15k ADM Markup 🤑

    If someone is willing to pay 3k over the sticker price for my truck after I pay taxes and license fees I would probably think about it, but most likely would not sell the truck.
  11. Just received BUILT email from Ford

    It should be delivered next week if all goes well.
  12. 15k ADM Markup 🤑

    Many people will probably not buy a car from this dealer because of this post.
  13. Replacement body parts availability? Backed into by tractor trailer

    Sorry to read this. Stay on top of the dealer. Many are not good in following thru with customers.
  14. Ford Hard Roll Tonneau Cover not installed properly?

    I know you shouldn’t have to do this, but maybe you can find instructions for the installation online and make some minor movement changes..
  15. 64mpg on a 9 mile city drive. (Hybrid)

    The road you were on probably was going in a downhill incline. I have a Prius. When I drive it a certain direction I get 55 mpg. When I come home and look at my mpg it averages 41 mpg.
  16. Communication breakdown

    Take a trip down to the dealer and speak to the sales manager. Ask them for proof your order was placed. It should be in their system.