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  1. Adding a Bed inverter questions

    I have been researching information available to engineer my own DIY Inverter project (don't have my Mav yet either). I hope to get it finished soon. Also, there are other posts on this subject on this forum so keep an eye on them too. There are many factors to this project as system design and...
  2. 400w 110v bed outlet added

    I previously posted that I looked at the positive side of the battery being under the seat in the HYBRID models. It will prolong the life of the battery and although we lose some space, Hybrid owners have a much better option for a DIY 400w inverter. From the beginning I planned on installing an...
  3. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    It was your post on 1/13 that jarred this old brain to remember that Shrek movie were the Donkey says - Pick Me . . . Pick Me
  4. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    Pick Me . . Pick Me! All we can do is Hum along.
  5. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    I do want to mention that the linked website for that KIA mirror is showing photos of two different mirrors. I hope that when anyone who ordered one will come back here and show us what they actually get. I have attached an actual photo of the mirror that was in my 2015 Cadenza that I recently...
  6. Maverick Flat Tire Changing A to Z

    It's good to know how changing a tire (or two) is done in different places around the world. If this goes bad they will either get some serious rug burn or 70 virgins ;)
  7. Not seeing Mavericks in the wild... why not? How about your community?

    I've been lucky to see 4 Mavericks in the wild . . . but unlucky to see one in my garage. All 4 were Eco boost. 3 were Area 51 with the remaining being Black. All were XL or XLT models. I grabbed this photo to show the relevant size of some SUVs parked next to it. Hope this helps somebody who...
  8. 📈 Maverick December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 6,030 Sold / 5,491 Produced

    If Ford looks at that survey I'm pretty sure that won't convince Ford to introduce a STANDARD transmission. Less than 150 votes from over 4000 members just on this forum. Yes, almost half of those that voted but a dismal amount of interest in a Stick Shift over all. With 64% Hybrids, how would a...
  9. Honest opinion from Hybrid Mav owners

    I'm not surprised as it weighs more than a lot of other FWD vehicles and has a much higher ground clearance.
  10. 📈 Maverick December 2021 Sales & Production Numbers: 6,030 Sold / 5,491 Produced

    Sold (Sales) has got to mean Built, Delivered, and money changed hands between dealer and customer . . . YES? Nothing else makes sense to me as you couldn't "Order" a Hybrid after the middle of November. I ordered in October without spending a dime. I just don't think we can have any idea of...
  11. Raptor Style Grille Lights on 2022 Maverick

    I took a close look at the photo of the back of the grill provided in the original post and I don't believe it will work. The light is bigger than 3/4 inches and I don't think there's room for the flange (seal) around the light without encroaching on raised areas of either of the other designs...
  12. Raptor Style Grille Lights on 2022 Maverick

    First I want to say this looks great. I also want to say this can ONLY be done this way because the XL grill is the ONLY grill that will accommodate these lights. I kept looking at this post and knew something didn't look right. There are others who kept posting "is this a stock grill" and the...
  13. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Another great photo - I have yet to see the Cactus Grey in real but I'm betting this is as real as I will see in a photo. You bring out the color of the tinted glass and we Cactus Grey folks gotta love how it matches. Thanks again!
  14. Thinking of dropping CP360 CoPilot

    The "Quote" function on this forum is there so somebody can "Quote" exactly what was said, not insert what ever they wish. Also so that one knows they have been taken out of context or have a chance to clarify what they said, if needed. It's oh so easy to twist what was said without the "Quote"...
  15. Thinking of dropping CP360 CoPilot

    Been driving over 50 years and not once would I have trusted anyone in my vehicle or any technology to tell me it's okay to change lanes. I don't Text and drive so I would have no need for any electronic device to keep the vehicle I'm driving within the lines/lanes. When I'm first in line at a...
  16. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    Seen a lot of Maverick photos and besides the front plate (no offense) this is got to be my favorite. The angle, the background, and overall quality of this photo is awesome. This could be the cover for a Maverick brochure! Certainly at the top of photos in my Maverick library. Thanks!
  17. 607,568 in 1966

    E X A C T L Y ! We got on line to "Build" our Mavericks and up pops the dealer(s) in your local area. In my case there were Three Ford dealers about the same distance. I went to all three -- first one didn't have much info and no Cactus Grey anything to see the color I was considering. They...
  18. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    Did you see the "Finding Nemo" interior design? Can you see somebody going down the road wearing a dive mask and snorkle in that thing.