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  1. TELL ME HOW WRONG I AM… Buy Santa Cruz and sell when my Maverick arrives?

    I mean, my only thought is the real risk is you might like the Santa Cruz more at that trim level. 😆 Like I wanted a Hybrid and I'm too cheap to up for a Lariat. If those weren't the case, I'd definitely be looking at the Santa Cruz too. It's a compelling option.
  2. Maverick won't recognize phone for Apple Carplay?

    Check to make sure the lightning port on phone is clear too, and free of debris. That can lead to the phone making a bad connection
  3. 400w 110v bed outlet added

  4. How did you first hear about the Ford Maverick?

    I can't remember where I started reading about it, but it was before the first test mules were spotted on the road. It was right when my wife and I were talking about getting a new vehicle, so I started following any news I could find.
  5. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (1/17) For Production Build Weeks 3/7 and 3/14

    Hybrid orders from late August are just now getting scheduled dates (and there are some June and July orders without scheduled dates yet). Ford didn't kick Hybrid production into gear until December, and there are massive supply shortages for the Hybrid. They cut off orders for the 2022 model...
  6. Let's hope there is a manual transmission available

    At this point it's unlikely to see a manual outside of performance cars and offroaders. Outside of enthusiasts, the percentage of people who can drive them is so small at this point there just isn't a market anymore.
  7. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Next Week (1/17) For Production Build Weeks 3/7 and 3/14

    November order, huh. If it's an Ecoboost? It's unlikely to be soon, but you might get lucky. If it's a Hybrid? Good luck getting it before summer ends. Oof.
  8. Reverse warning sound issue?

    I mean, it's the same noise it makes going forward under electric I'd assume?
  9. Reverse warning sound issue?

    I feel like you are under the impression that I was disagreeing with that point, instead of just trying to add an additional one.
  10. Reverse warning sound issue?

    It was moreso a response to the "paying attention" comment. Because it doesn't matter how hard someone pays attention if the thing you're trying to avoid doesn't register on the senses you have.
  11. Reverse warning sound issue?

    Or, like, to warn actual blind people -- yeah.
  12. December 2021 Scheduling Numbers Analyzed

    As you said though -- that's just people who are 1. Using this website and 2. Willing to post about it. What you see posted on this site is from a fraction of a fraction of buyers -- which makes it an interesting sample, but is not representative of the actual volume. Look at Ford's reported...
  13. Maverick vs Rivian parked side-by-side [NA Truck of the Year Finalists]

    The Rivian has air suspension, and can lower itself for getting in and out of while parked
  14. ⏱ Maverick Scheduling Upcoming Week (1/10) For Production Build Week 2/28/22

    The deposit is dependent on the dealer. It's 100% up to them. Some dealers require deposits, some don't.
  15. Edmunds Maverick Review 7.3/10

    Uh. Wasn't the 600lbs thing with the Santa Cruz just a screw up by marketers who had never talked about a truck before? Like I recall reading that it wasn't actually true.
  16. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    I think the shop job on wheels threw me off actually is all.
  17. 2024 Chevrolet Montana?

    That's because it's a clear photoshop of a Maverick. Like specifically this Maverick. (Couldn't find the exact source photo, but figured the same truck from the same press event would do)
  18. News articles are citing MTC

    I mean, I found MTC in the first place because news articles kept citing it