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  1. New York Mavericks!!

    They must of put it, and that red one behind yours, away. I was out today and swung by and didn’t see either.
  2. 📣 1/20 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS ARRIVING!!]

    I hope you get that lucky, but don’t count on it. Builds are already scheduled through March, and it takes -4 weeks for delivery. Lariat, escepically if you Lux package, has a lot of constraints.
  3. New York Mavericks!!

    Congrats. 1 more closer to mine at VanBortel 😄
  4. Took Delivery of our Alto Blue Maverick Lariat Hybrid today - Pics and thoughts

    I agree Alto is best match for Lariat interior. But too dark of an exterior for me. So I went with Velocity. I too wonder about the Velocity, when door is closed. Looked ok in pics. I figure, worst case I could wrap the door jab with black.
  5. Bed covers… So confusing!

    I too have been struggling with those some issues. For me, I really prefer the ones that are flush mounted; so that is a higher priority for me. You are probably struggling, because you are balancing cost with function. And hard to know what function you want, or need. The flip ups are simple...
  6. Will Ford Escape rear floor liner fit the Maverick Hybrid?

    For me, this is replacing my car. Have always had carpeted mats. In a couple cars I would swap out for winter. I ordered the mats that will include the carpeted ones. To each there own.
  7. Will Ford Escape rear floor liner fit the Maverick Hybrid?

    I was referring to the carpet rears. The Mav weather mat accessory includes ‘rubber’ rears.
  8. Will Ford Escape rear floor liner fit the Maverick Hybrid?

    I tried my ‘20 Escape carpets mats in a Mav; at dealer. They were just a little bit too long, got hung up under the front seat. The shape of the rear and sides were pretty close to a perfect fit. And yes, front mat shapes are same. Because the rears needed to be shortened, I suspect that is why...
  9. Thoughts on 1976 Maverick Stallion decal

    I was thinking the same thing. Maybe without the words. like the old school Trans Am bird.
  10. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    The backend, tracking stock and taking orders, probably couldn’t keep up with all of you😄
  11. Cheap auto-dimming, homelink mirror

    I would recommend wiring the home link to ignition (or accessory) 12v. That way someone cannot break in and just open your garage door; if parked in driveway. You will have you Mav running 99.9% of the time you need to open & close the garage door.
  12. Rokblokz Mud Flaps for 2022 Maverick now available

    I honestly can’t decide between those either. No build date yet, so I have time. I’m currently leaning towards getting the Ford ones, then 3D print something to fill the gap. I do prefer the Ford logo over the RB. And of course the cheaper price.
  13. Rokblokz Mud Flaps for 2022 Maverick now available

    Haven’t seen the black logo ones.
  14. Interior scratching easily?!?!

    I don’t suppose you took before and after picks?
  15. December 2021 Scheduling Numbers Analyzed

    Yeah, while it would be great, not expecting this will be my week. But I agree it should soonish.
  16. How to remove scratches from the plastic trims around the bed?

    I was thinking of something like that for the interior front door panels. Before feet kick/rub the lower front corner while getting out.