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  1. How long from production to arrival at dealer?

    Yeah. It's the craziest thing I've ever been involved with. I guess the longer it takes, the longer I have a new truck. Just hope I get it in 2022, lol.
  2. How long from production to arrival at dealer?

    I don't think anyone knows. I've had three production dates, the last one was 12/7/2021. It still says in production, the last email I received was November 12 notifying me of that production date. The tracker had a 1/12/2022 est. delivery date. It now has a 2/14/2022 delivery est. delivery...
  3. United Transportation Cancellation

    Where do I sign up for the dealership notifications?
  4. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    Thank you. My blend date should have been 11/29/2021 then. So I guess mine is waiting for the spray in bed liner then.
  5. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    Is there anyone who can for sure tell me what the date in the border of the window sticker, right below where it says special pertains to. It has changed on mine a few times. It now says 1/19/2022. I had seem where someone said it was the blend date. However my dealer if he was being truthful...
  6. 1/14/22 - slow day in Hermosillo

    I ordered a Lariat in July. On Nov. 11 I got an email for 12/7 production. I had an estimated delivery date of 1/12. I've received no emails since but things have changed on the tracker. it still shows the 12/7 production date but my estimated delivery date changed to 2/14 yesterday. Who...
  7. 📣 1/13 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    I just wish I could get some communication from someone. Mine had a scheduled build date of 12/7/2021 and estimated delivery date of 1/12/2022. I ordered back in July, got immediate confirmation. Checked tracker this morning and still says in production. No emails from Ford since getting...
  8. Ford is trying to mess with my head, but I'm wise to their tricks

    I'm not a techy person, I don't understand how forum and tracking works. So if anyone on here can help me understand, thank you. The truck I ordered shows as in production 12/7/2021, and that is where it has been since. How long does it take to build one of these. I did find a number to call...