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  1. Hybrid fee (tax) in your state?

    No hybrid fees in California but all "trucks" are classified as commercial vehicles so we pay more than cars due to that.
  2. So Cal Maverick meet up

    How many would be able to meet up in Orange County?
  3. First person to lend their Maverick to Softopper, gets a free Softopper!

    did anyone give them a mavi so the rest of us can spend $$$ ?
  4. Worktruck White XLT Hybrid

    Worktruck White XLT Hybrid

  5. Let's hope there is a manual transmission available

    Manuals back in the day used to be fuel they're fun savers but less and less folks know how to drive one.
  6. Maverick or Prius?

    If you're keeping the Taco there's no need for a Maverick. Go Prius if the deal is decent and you'll resale it for the same if you change your mind or want to buy the Mavi Can't lose this year for sure.
  7. Falken Wild Peak Trails (not AT3W) overview - 235/65R17

    Hi all I had questions about the tires and tire noise so I did 2 youtube vids talking about them. 1st is about the tire 2nd is driving on the freeway to catch any tire noise
  8. Suprise review! How the Maverick holds up to a T-Bone accident! Edited with phitos of other car

    good to hear it kept you both safe. I DD to LA and there's always accidents
  9. When are you doing your first Hybrid oil change?

    I'm gonna do it at 5000 or less. I know it's a mix with electric but I just want to be consistent.
  10. How do you like the rear seat speakers (placement)?

    my 5 year old told me yesterday people were talking by her ear and I didn't realize the speaker was there until she mentioned it lol
  11. Orange accented steering wheel cover for XLT interior

    The link goes to the exact unit I bought. It shows other options so you can pick and choose. it measures slightly under 15 inches so you'll pick 14.5-15 yep see above. you're not wrong and I put links my pinned comment and description so others can click (y)
  12. Orange accented steering wheel cover for XLT interior

    here you go
  13. Orange accented steering wheel cover for XLT interior

    It's open on the inside so I can some but I tend to grip from the outside.