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  1. Searching Ford Inventory..

    Yea, inventory search is kind of a joke. 100 mile search for Hybrid Lariat Lux brings up 4, and only 1 is actually on the dealer's site, with a "Call us" price. I'll just wait the extra months.
  2. How many of you Mav owners have seen another Mav on the road?

    Seen zero so far, not even on dealer lots.
  3. Anyone buy a new toy while you’re waiting for the Maverick?

    Deer wrecked my Fusion, and to get me by until delivery in late March, I picked up a Saab 9-3.
  4. SCORE ! The Maverick will darn near be paid for ;)

    Well, a deer did me a favor. Was going to trade in a 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Carvanna and Vroom was putting it at around $7-8k, and I expected dealer trade-in to be less. The check from the insurance company was $12k.
  5. Buy EcoBoost now and trade-in for Hybrid when mine arrives? Feasible ?

    I'm in the same boat, but because of a deer. I need to cover 3 months to get to delivery. My worries is being able to trade/resale for high enough to cover taxes. I might go buy a beater instead
  6. Hybrid road test in city/suburbs review (

    And usually they only get them for a day or two, and the shuttled off to the next reviewer.
  7. eCVT is amazing!

    I know when I got my Fusion Hybrid, it took a little while to get used to accelerating and the eCVT. I was used to using my ear to determine acceleration based on engine speed. So with the FFH, I would accelerate, and then instinctively push down harder until the car kicked up the engine speed...
  8. Dealership marking up Maverick when delivered? 🧐

    Well I didn't have an agreed upon price with the gas station on the price per gallon 6 months from then. Off of the lot, fair game. But an order at a discussed price should be held to that price.
  9. Did your dealer require a deposit on your Maverick order?

    $500 refundable. Which is fine, because it goes to the car
  10. Current build v.s. order date?

    Order date has less to do with scheduling date than order options and finicky selection by the scheduling algorithm. There are some Ecoboost orders from June-August that haven't been scheduled yet.
  11. Might need a gap vehicle while waiting for Maverick - suggestions?

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to get the Fusion into the body shop until the 30th of this month, so I'm rocking a Jetta rental right now (since I need to drive to NJ and back this week). But the rental budget that my insurance gives me won't last long. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might...
  12. 📣 12/16 Scheduling Email Received Group [Emails Now Arriving!!!]

    Since you ordered in December I'll assume its not a hybrid. It will depend on what addons you got. Some are constrained, and will slow your order down. One person got a scheduled email 2 weeks after ordering, but for every order its different. It could be fast, it could be slow. With the...
  13. 2022 Maverick Order Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    You'll get a VIN when your order is scheduled for production.