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  1. 23 Lariat Hybrid to 24 Lariat Hybrid or switch to 24 XLT Hybrid-Private offer

    I am new to Ford and slightly confused about private offer. Had a 23 Lariat Hybrid order with Lux pack, Co-pilot 360, remote start. MSRP order price as of 9/2022 was $31,385 w/o destination charges. If I were to reorder 24 Lariat hybrid the msrp is going to be $35,635 w/o $1595 destination...
  2. To my Surprise and Skepticism my 23 hybrid maverick got scheduled for production

    I am the first to say how I feel Ford ordering system is quite shameful compared to other manufactures. However with that being said I order 2 mav hybrids from 2 different dealers. One for me and one for the wife. This morning after many months of not contacting Ford or hearing updates from my...