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  1. One of my greatest Maverick joys is the confusion of others

    There’s nothing like the dumbfounded look of a stranger as I pull out of a parking lot, gas station, etc in electric mode.
  2. Does a train car change companies en route?

    Hi all, I’ve read a hundred ‘rail car’ threads but haven’t seen an answer to my question. I’ve been able to get updates on my train car from NS from when I started tracking it in AZ to its current position in a yard in Chicago since Friday. Does 1 company take it to final destination, or does...
  3. July 4 Build Week Roll Call

    I'm stalking the modules like mad this week, still no dice for me... I am 1125/2235 (which I'd thought was this week's builds) and was hoping by Wed or Thursday they'd get to 1125... Any others set for this week get their Modules to pop or a Built email yet?