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  1. Factory windshield wipers/motor - trash?

    Not a bad idea to replace them annually. I've had some last several years, and others crap out in a year. In Texas, temperature extremes hurt the rubber the most ;)
  2. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Haven't touched it since last Thursday. Supposed to be sunny tomorrow so I will wash it then ;)
  3. What's your Maverick mileage and ownership time?

    ‘23 Ecoboost, Lariat FX4 4K. Ordered a “22 11/4/21. Finally took delivery of a rollover’23 1/14/23. Every day driver: 13500 miles to date with one trip from Central Texas to Vegas so far 😎
  4. Can a 2x6 be placed and removed in the bed slots with the sentry CT rails?

    I just cut and hinged a 2x12. Notched the bottom corners so it would sit flat on the bed, put some extra weather stripping on the sides for a snug fit, and dropped a 5" fence rail bracket on top to hold it straight. Painted it black, and voila': custom divider that cost me less than $20 ;)
  5. 2024 2.0 EB AWD/4k grabby brakes

    Never had that issue with my '23. I'd take in to have it looked at. Sounds like something is off.
  6. What are your Solar eclipse plans?

    Put some shrimp on the barbi, pour some adult beverages, sit in the front yard and enjoy 4:30 minutes of totality 😎
  7. Why are so many Mavericks getting rear ended?

    I would be surprised if rear end collisions didn’t account for 75% of all collisions in the world 😉
  8. Top off gas tank

    Never had that problem.
  9. What PSI air pressure are your tires?

    35 psi on the Falken’s for me 😎
  10. Unwanted Driver Warning

    Mine hasn’t alerted in over a year 🤷‍♂️
  11. My 93 Octane Experiment! 2.0L EcoBoost Maverick

    I've had very good results with just 87 octane. Truck is very quick, no drag or vibration. Now, if I'm pulling my tear drop trailer, I'll bite the bullet and run 93 octane. I believe that is the recommendation in the manual as well.
  12. Are tailgate assists necessary on an aluminum tailgate?

    But this is how children learn: you tell them why they shouldn't do it, and if they don't believe you and do it anyway, then they learn the hard way not to do it again ;)
  13. Tire Pressure Difference Sticker/Tires

    Unless you want your truck to bounce down the road and feel every pebble an crack in the road, use the recommended pressure on the sticker. If you're going to put an elephant in your bed, use the max tire pressure ;)
  14. Hood squirts when braking in the rain.

    Water is wet ;)
  15. Have you done any recalls?

    I've had two on my '23: Trailer wiring harness fix, and turn signal warning issue. My Ford dealer actually came to my house to fix the turn signal issue. All good.
  16. Thoughts on Wildpeak AT3 Deal?

    Sounds like a good deal to me if you're looking for another set of tires/rims. I have the AT3's on my FX4 Mav, and they drive great on the road (made the trip from central Texas to Vegas and back and the Mav rode amazingly smooth). Although they're rated very high for snow, I have not tested...
  17. Anyone Regret not Getting the Bronco Sport ?

    Way too small for me. Hell, it was smaller than my Genesis Coupe ;)
  18. uhh? vin not my truck?

    When I ordered mine in Nov '21 and checked on it in Sep '22, there was another order number the same as mine. It was confusing for me and the Ford info line, but the correct truck was delivered to my dealer ;)
  19. Deer collision damage results in $6k repair. Insurance lessons learned

    The only place I like to see deer are here: And here: ;)