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  1. New mod on Tremor - tailgate lettering

    Looks nice! Thank You for Your Service!!
  2. Front USB Location

    Yep post #3/4 are spot on, I’ve used both types. Issue/concern resolved
  3. (Article) 2024 Maverick Auto Buyers Guide Truck Of The Year Winner by Alex on Autos

    Didn't see this article posted yet, hopefully I haven't duplicated. The Maverick starts at about the 8:32 mark on the video or https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/webcontent/web-content/vi-k8ytV4xg2umtEg?vid=KF9Ce3o937Y&provider=yt&ocid=hpmsn&cvid=40dda6c9ff5f4ddc97e870df76baf7bb&ei=16
  4. Taillight assembly keeps popping off

    Numerous post in the past, new grommets seems to be the answer in older post
  5. Music sound quality over 20 volume

    May want to go ahead and start investing in Beltone :LOL:
  6. Sorry youngsters, I had to go old school Maverick build!

    Chrome is King in my book, give my right nut for a real set of Crager SS made to fit the maverick. Love your truck!!! That Atlas Blue is the best color ford's ever offered on the maverick IMO.
  7. Factory windshield wipers/motor - trash?

    That’s weird, something not right. Seems like motor or wiring glitch, dealer time imo
  8. Mystery switches.

    The manual covers ICE and Hybrid versions, so they don't have to print 2 separate manuals
  9. Do I really need the XLT Lux package? 🧐

    Ha well once ya have the Lux features it’s like sex the first time, ya gotta have it…..
  10. New User

    Congrats and welcome!! Post pics
  11. Ford Power-Up software updates.

    I think it’s an effort to lessen the deep sleep, won’t start, low battery issues some of the hybrid versions are plagued with
  12. Rough paint on roof of 2022 Maverick

    Check with your dealer. I would assume so unless they find something that would explain why its that way. Warranty is 3 year 36,000 bumper to bumper, I assume paint defects are included in that.
  13. Rough paint on roof of 2022 Maverick

    Zero issues with mine. If it’s that ruff I imagine warranty should cover it. QA must have taken a nap…..
  14. Windshield Chips

    MY22 here, no cracks or pitting, 16,000 miles. I did have something hit the windshield maybe 10 months ago going down the interstate, nothing real close to me but 1 car probably 50 yards ahead, didn't see anything but then something hit the windshield, it was loud. I knew it would be cracked...
  15. Factory windshield wipers/motor - trash?

    Info from Rain-X site: https://www.rainx.com/wiper-blade-information-maintenance/#:~:text=Wiper%20blades%20deteriorate%20due%20to,dust%20carried%20in%20the%20wind
  16. Took delivery of a XLT !

    Congratulations, post pics when you can
  17. Well is it totaled??

    So sorry. Know that stings. Hope all goes will with your replacement. Can sure understand your feelings
  18. Tremor on the beach

    Nice Truck and Pics !!!!!
  19. Bent wheel from Factory….

    I can't see any damage on the wheel from your pic but like others have said, that much weight to get the wheel/tire balanced is totally NUTS. I would assume its the tire not the wheel causing that much weight to be added.
  20. Why do so many posts about hybrids talk about trickle chargers and jumpers

    Search the terms: deep sleep, dead battery, won't start, etc. That will give you some history/insight