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  1. Traded in Factory Continental Tires for Upgraded Set at Discount Tire

    Seeing the many complaints concerning the Continental ProContact TX and observing the weird sidewall bulges upon delivery of our Maverick. I was not really comfortable with running that set of tires. I do a lot of traveling over mountain passes and see occasional snow in our travels. Plus...
  2. After 621 days of waiting - Our very first Ford product is really in our garage

    In spring, I was losing hope after waiting well over a year. Once we got over the first and hardest hurtle and won the VIN lottery in April, the process was no longer stressful and flowed well. The worst part of this whole process was not knowing if we would really be selected for assembly due...
  3. Help! My Dealer waiting on the existing MY22 orders to be unlocked by Ford to update to a MY23 model year

    Can existing 22 Model Year orders be edited into a 23 or do they need to generate in a brand new order? If a new order has to be entered how are they linked to the old order for the private offer? Hopefully @fordvideoguy or someone knowledgeable can reply.